• Gold Ridge Elementary has established procedures to ensure student safety and an orderly transition during arrival and dismissal. Since on-site parking is not available during arrival and dismissal, please allow extra time to park on an adjacent street or to wait in the Multi Unloading/Loading Zone. Please be respectful of the surrounding neighbors; do not block driveways, crosswalks, or corners. Also, please obey all traffic laws; stop completely at stop signs, observe the speed limit, do not make illegal U-turns, etc. 


    Parking Lot & Bus Circle Information

    The Multi parking lot will soon be repainted/reconfigured. Most spaces will be reserved for Gold Ridge staff. A very limited number of spaces will be available for visitor parking during the day.

    The lot adjacent to Kindergarten (G Building) is for staff parking only. The curb in the kindergarten parking area is a red zone; stopping, parking, dropping off, and picking up are NOT allowed.

    The yellow zone in front of the school office is reserved for buses and daycare vans at all times. No other vehicles may use the bus circle for drop-off or pickup.



    Kindergarten parents are asked to park on an adjacent street and walk students to and from the arrival and dismissal area located on the sidewalk next to the kindergarten parking lot between the kindergarten and office buildings.


    GRADES 1-5

    For grades 1-5, Gold Ridge offers two drop-off/pickup options.

    1. Walk your child to and from school

    Parents wishing to walk their children safely to and from school should park on an adjacent street. 

    Gold Ridge maintains a closed campus throughout the day. Parents walking students to school can say goodbye and give hugs on the street-side of the "Students Only" signs. Parents walking to pick up students at the end of the day should meet them at a pre-arranged location on the street-side of the “Students Only” signs.

    1. Use the Multi Unloading/Loading Zone

    A drop-off/pickup lane is available at the back of the Multi parking lot. Signs direct parents to pull forward before unloading or loading students. Parents must not exit their car when using the Multi Unloading/Loading Zone. If your student needs help getting out of or into the car, please park on the street. During morning drop-off, we ask your assistance to have students ready with backpacks and gear so they can exit the car quickly. In the afternoon, we ask that parents keep the flow of traffic moving. Please circle around the lot if your child is not present. Also, please observe the NO LEFT-HAND TURN signs. Only right-hand turns are allowed when entering and exiting the Multi parking lot.


    Arrival Procedures

    Morning Supervision is available from 8:10am to 8:25am and from 9:00am to 9:10am (for 1st and 2nd grade Late Session students).

    All students will proceed to the playground each morning where they will drop off their belongings in a designated location and then hang out with friends and classmates, under the supervision of Gold Ridge staff, until school begins. On rainy or poor air quality days, students will be directed to wait in the Multipurpose Room (masks are required to be worn indoors).


    Dismissal Procedures

    At the end of the school day, students will be excused from class to meet their parent or caregiver at a pre-arranged location on the street side of the “Students Only” signs or to wait in the Multi parking lot loading zone for pickup. Staff will be available to supervise students until 3:00pm. Students not picked up by 3:00pm will be directed to the office to call their parent or caregiver.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Multi parking lot loading zone is not available for pickup at the 1:52pm 1st and 2nd grade EARLY SESSION dismissal time due to staffing constraints.


    Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

    Parents dropping off students late or picking them up early should proceed directly to the office. Office staff will assist you with late arrival or early dismissal.