Welcome to Global Perspective Studies!

  • GPS is a four-year pathway giving students the opportunity to develop global awareness as well as problem-solving skills by way of coursework, service opportunities, enrichment activities, and a capstone project focusing on global problems.  Students who complete the four-year pathway will receive recognition at graduation.  

    OPENING ASSEMBLY for GPS I-II-III on August 28:

    GPS 2018-2019 Opening Assembly Slides

    Please watch this page for updates about upcoming events and forms relevant to all four grade levels.  Check the SEMINARS tab for grade-level specific information and handouts.  

    Youth Exchange and Travel Opportunites:  

    Congress Budestag Youth Exchange

    Rotary Youth Exchange 2019

    Service Requirement:

    Service Packet

    For all students beginning with the Class of 2019

    This packet contains information about the service requirement for GPS, as well as a service completion form. 

    Turn in completed forms to Mrs. Malaspino, Mrs. Watson, Mr. Navone, or Mr. Yoder.


    Fall Session Schedule:  

    September 19:  Robert Comper, Guppy International.  Focus on global trade and developing a global mindset.

    October 24:  Chris Nelson, Flying Samaritans.  

    November 14:  Design Thinking introduction lesson.  

    December 5:  Small group project/Intro to Design Thinking

    GPS I Guest Speaker form

    Use this form for all sessions with a presentation by a guest speaker.  Turn in to your GPS I teacher.  

    GPS II:

    Fall Session Schedule:

    September 19-20 RESCHEDULED to October 3-4

    November 28-29

    Fall Session Schedule:


    GPS III:  

    GPS III Speaker Evaluation Form

    Use this form for all sessions with a presentation by a guest speaker.  Turn in to Mrs. Malaspino, Mr. Yoder, Mr. Peterson, or Mr. Navone.

    September 26:  Rich Rider, Rotary Youth Exchange program

    Rotary Youth Exchange 2018 Application

    Travel As a Force for Peace  This is the article that Rich referred to, written by Rick Steves.  

    November 1:  Njeri Thubei, Upendo Foundation IN A209.  Note date change from 10/31.  

    November 28:


    GPS IV: 

    September 5 Opening Meeting, A209

    Capstone Due Date and Meeting Schedule

    September 19:  Advisor Meeting (in classrooms).  PROPOSAL PART A due.  

    Proposal Part A

    October 17:  Advisor Meeting (in classrooms).  PROPOSAL PART B due.

    Proposal Part B

    November 7:  Advisor Meeting (in classrooms). 

    Mentor Agreement Form, NPO Information Form, Annotated Bibliography, and Research Evidence Due.  

    Annotated Bibliography requirements

    Sample Annotated Bib MLA Version 8

    December by appointment:  Small Group Advisor Meeting.  PROPOSAL PART C (action plan) due.  Review Project Journal-in progress.