• Welcome to Global Perspective Studies!

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    March 22, 2023


    Dear Incoming Junior or underclassman:


    Thank you for your interest in joining Global Program Studies (GPS).  Your investigation of GPS on your own shows that you are already invested in yourself and making good choices to make your high school experience one of the best.  


    At this time, Folsom High has made the decision to conclude the program. 


    Our Senior class of 2024 will be the final class participating in the GPS program. This was not an easy decision. Investigating student interest, participation of staff and the global experience, this program has come to a necessary end.  However, your choices have just begun. Be on the lookout for new course choices as you continue your journey at Folsom High.  Many teachers and staff are working hard to design appropriate and applicable courses to help you navigate your future world.  


    Again, thank you for your interest!  Good luck as you continue your education.  



    Dena Reeve


    Dena Reeve, MA, NBYALA

    English Teacher

    Global Perspectives Coordinator