Students referred to the office on Discipline Referrals must go directly to the office and may not return to class until seen by an administrator. Consequences may include detention, suspension, parent conference, Saturday School and loss of privileges for future school activities. Excessive or severe violations may result in conditional enrollment, transfer to alternative education setting, arrest and possible expulsion from the district. 


    Any staff member may assign up to 50 minutes of detention to be served before or after school, or through campus work service. Campus work service includes classroom or lunch area duties assigned by the teacher or an administrator. Prior arrangements must be made for work service.

    Students have two school days to complete the assigned detention. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain signatures necessary to prove detention was served and to return the signed detention form to the assigning teacher. 

    Students who feel that a detention has been assigned without just cause should still sign the detention form and make an appointment with a vice-principal. Appeals will not be considered if a student has refused to sign the detention form.

    Saturday School

    Vista’s Saturday School Program is designed to provide an additional disciplinary option between on-campus detention and off-campus suspension. It also serves as a make-up for truancies. Students spend from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm working on assignments. For truancies, students will be expected to work on school work. For disciplinary incidents, students will be assigned a work packet by the vice-principal that will be completed and turned in to the Saturday School teachers supervisor. If a student fails to remain on task, fails to complete assigned work, or disrupts other students during assigned Saturday School, discipline consequences will move to the next level.


    There are three types of suspensions. All become part of the student’s permanent disciplinary record.

    1)       Class Suspension: A teacher may suspend a student from class for any behavior or conduct that disrupts learning. Students may receive a one or two day class suspension. Suspension is served in the vice principal’s office where students are expected to be engaged in quiet study. Parents must be notified by teacher.

    2)       In-house Suspension: An administrator may assign a student in-house suspension. Student is suspended from his/her classes, but remains at school under supervision and is denied any contact with other students.

    3)       Off Campus Suspension” An administrator may assign a student up to five days of off-campus suspension depending on seriousness of offense. Student is expected to be supervised at home by parent.