• We are excited to begin our 6th year of 
    Gold Ridge's art program:

    Eagles ART! 
    (Eagles Are Really Talented!

    Thank you for Volunteering to be a Docent!

    We could not do it without you!

         About “Eagles ART” -

    What: Eagles ART is an art program developed for Gold Ridge Elementary School with local artist, Rachel Dillon. There are six art lessons per school year. Each lesson will take about an hour to present and create the art. You do not need to be an artist to sign-up! 

    Who: We need at least one (but 2-3 is ideal!) docent to teach the lesson in your child’s classroom. The lessons and art supplies are provided for you by the PTA.  Docents work with their child's teacher to find the best day and time to present the lesson.  Students love it when their docents arrive for art time!

    When: There are 6 trainings per year, held each month from 7-8pm at Gold Ridge. If there’s more than one docent for your child’s class, you can take turns going to the trainings!  Rachel will be training docents step-by-step how to create and teach the art lesson to your child's class. 

          If you would like more information, please contact
    Connie Stevens or Jennifer Karford by e-mail (click on name at the bottom right corner of this page). 
    Thank you!
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    Docent Training Dates
    Room D-3 
    Eagles ART Intro & Lesson 1 Training: Thurs, Sept 26, 6:30-8pm
    Lesson 2:  Tues, Oct 29, 7-8pm
    Lesson 3:  Thurs, Jan. 9*, 7-8pm
    Lesson 4: * Mon, Feb. 3*, 7-8pm 
    Lesson 5: Thurs, Mar. 5, 7-8pm
    Lesson 6:  Tues, Apr. 14, 7-8pm CANCELLED Due to Covid-19

    Thank you to everyone who supports the Gold Ridge PTA!  Your contributions make it possible to provide fun, creative art lessons to our students!

    Eagles ART Coordinators
    Lessons created by artist -
    Rachel Dillon