• Eagles ART! 
    (Eagles Are Really Talented! 



    Lesson 3 Perspective and Complements

    (January 10 - February 4) 


    Docent Sign-Ups

    1.  Sign-ups will begin in November so it can be in place and ready to go once FCUSD gives approval

    2.  Docents must be Category 2 approved by FCUSD

    3.  Sign-up form/information was sent home in the Wednesday folder on 11/10

    4.  To sign-up, fill out form and return to teacher ASAP


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    Docent Training Dates
    Room D-3 
    Eagles ART Intro & Lesson 1:
                     Tues, Sept, 6:30-8pm
    Lesson 2:  Tues, Oct, 7-8pm
    Lesson 3:  Tues, Jan, 7-8pm
    Lesson 4:  TuesFeb, 7-8pm 
    Lesson 5:  Tues, Mar, 7-8pm
    Lesson 6:  Tues, Apr, 7-8pm 
    -All Docent Trainings on Hold Until Further Notice Due to Covid-19 ☹️

    Eagles ART Coordinator
    Lessons created by artist -
    Rachel Dillon
            GRE Eagle
     Sponsored by The Gold Ridge  PTA