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    About Me...

    My name is Jenn Feiner and I live in Carmichael with my six year old twins. This is my 14th year teaching in this district and 1st year at Folsom Middle School. I have a BA in Child Development, a MA in Education, a Multiple-Subjects Credential, and an English Credential. 

    Besides teaching and spending time with my family, I enjoy travelling, CrossFit, reading, Americanos w/ 1 Splenda, going to the beach, concerts, eating & watching movies.

    I am looking forward to a super year!


  • Jenn Feiner, M.A.Ed.
    Sixth Grade English
    916-294-9040 ext.310203



    8:50-9:13am                    Advisory

    9:18-10:10am                  1st Period

    10:15-11:07am                 2nd Period

    11:12-11:42am                         Lunch

    11:47am-12:39pm                  4th Period

    12:44-1:36pm                           Prep

    1:41-2:33pm                   6th Period

    2:38-3:30pm                   7th Period


    8:50-9:35am                    1st Period

    9:40-10:22am                   2nd Period

    10:27-10:57am                           Lunch

    11:402-11:44am                    4th Period

    11:49am-12:31pm                             Prep

    112:36-1:18pm                    6th Period

    1:23-2:05pm                    7th Period