Welcome to 8th grade Science!  :)  Email is the best way to reach me.  nkeyfel@fcusd.org
    The student version of the weekly Power Point is posted on Wednesdays. You can get missed Bell work, due dates, notes or missed instructions from this.
     Wish List Items:
      Hand Sanitizer        Kleenex  :)    Colored pens       Dry Erase Markers - colors     
      copy paper (white or colors)        Stickers (any sizes or styles)

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    Daily Schedule:
    Period 1: 8th Grade Science
    Period 2: Prep time
    Period 3: 8th Grade Science 
    Period 4: 8th Grade Science
    Period 5: Lunch
    Period 6: 8th Grade Science
    Period 7: 8th Grade Science