• A Message From Our Principal, Mr. Hyden

    J. Hyden


    Please allow me to begin by voicing my complete excitement and absolute appreciation in continuing to lead Cordova High School – a school site that I am forever    grateful to have had the opportunity to serve, even despite the challenges during this unprecedented time.  It is undeniably apparent the dedication and  determination of this staff towards the success of our students and I feel humbled to continue to chart our course moving forward.  With respect to my educational  background, range of teaching experiences, and personal leadership roles; I undoubtedly have the capacity and knowledge to lead Cordova High. However, rather  than focusing on my accomplishments, I find it more relevant and telling to speak to the unique path that brought me here. 

    As a young student, school did not hold the same importance it does for me now.  Growing up in a single-parent household, the highest educational example was one  who struggled through school and did not have an opportunity to attend a post-secondary education.  Fortunately, an inherent change in my outlook occurred when  I met a teacher who empathized first, encouraged second, and finally, set high expectations for achievement.  My once dim and inconsequential future, was forever  altered by involved and thoughtful educators who ignited my passion for change.  The change I speak of and that same commitment and hard work, I now bring to  Cordova High.  Through this dedicated commitment, I plan to incorporate an instructional vision that emphasizes student achievement through teacher collaboration, participatory leadership, and in fostering a culture of success at our school – a culture that understands that building student relationships with high academic expectations is paramount to our future achievement. 

    The Principal’s chair is not a magic one – undoubtedly, there will be challenges and difficult decisions ahead, but collectively, I know our staff can move mountains.  The only true secret to success is in the belief of self-efficacy and through hard work and determination.  As your Principal, I fully intend on leading by example and in establishing an open door policy.  I will work tirelessly to support my staff, while setting high expectations that ask for more.  I will always strive to be authentic in my approach and to make decisions that are truly student-centered.  It is my personal philosophy that we must continue to be reflective in our teaching, consistent in our efforts, and always maintain the proud belief in the product: our students.

    In Partnership,


    J. A. Hyden

    Cordova High School


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