• Dear Lancers

    It is with mixed emotions that I let you know that I have accepted a position at Sacramento City Unified School District as an Instructional Assistant Superintendent. As an educational leader, this is an exciting opportunity but it also comes with a heavy heart that I must exit as the Principal of Cordova High School... a position which I have held for the past five years. 

    Being the Principal of Cordova High School has been a privilege and an honor. There are no better staff and students than right here in the Lancer community, and you have been a daily inspiration to me. You are strong, resilient, and committed to student learning. I know you will have a wonderful school year and you are in very good hands.

    I will remain on campus in the role of principal until my replacement can assume my responsibilities. The leadership teams of both FCUSD and SCUSD wish to make this transition as smooth as possible and I am confident your next principal will be ready to lead the Lancer community well.

    I am sure you may have questions, and I promise that we will keep you informed on the progress of this transition.

    My time with the Lancers will forever leave a fond and indelible mark on my heart and I look forward to watching the CHS community thrive and grow.  


    Jerad Hyden

  • Principal
    Amy Strawn
    Depts: Career Technical Education
    Administrative Assistant
    Samantha Rischer
    916-294-2450 ext 810110
    Assistant Principals
    Michele Brown
    Students: A-D
    Depts:  Attendance, Math, 
    Science, Social Science
    Cody Owens
    Students: E-L
    Depts: Athletics, Driver's Ed, Health, 
    PE, Visual and Performing Arts, 
    Freddy Castro, Ed.D
    Students: M-R
    Depts: English/English Language Development
    IB Programme, World Language
    Carrie Jackson, Ed.D
    Students: S-Z
    Depts: Special Education
    Assistant Principal's Clerk (AP's)
    Doug Hughes
    916-294-2450 ext 810160
    Administration Receptionist
    Verenice Luna
    916-294-2450 ext 810115
    Attendance  Clerk
    Tricia Rodrigez
    916-294-2450 ext 810162 or 810800
    Attendance Specialist
    Brianna Malone
    916-294-2450 ext 810119 
    Account Clerk
    Candis O'Connor
    916-294-2450 ext 810146