• Interested in Becoming a FCUSD Volunteer? 

    Volunteers are an integral part of our school communities, and we encourage parents and community members to get involved.  Please review the following guidelines for Visitors, Category 1 Volunteers, and Category 2 Volunteers. 

    Volunteer applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before a field trip or event.

    Otherwise, the application may not be processed in time.


    Visitors are defined as someone who: 

    • Assists in one-time activities such as guest speaking, job-shadowing, or chaperoning dances 
    • Observes classes through a university-approved program 

    Visitors must check in at the school site.  

    Category 1 Volunteers are defined as someone who: 

    • Assists in activities under DIRECT supervision of a district certificated employee less than four (4) times per year or sixteen (16) total hours per year 

    Category 1 Volunteers must:  1) have a TB Test completed within 60 days of submission to the district, 2) complete the online Volunteer Application, and 3) undergo clearance through Megan’s Law Website.  

    Category 2 Volunteers are defined as someone who: 

    • Assists in the classroom or other school activities more than four (4) times per year or sixteen (16) total hours per year 
    • Has direct contact with students and may be the sole adult with student(s) on a school field trip 
    • Has direct contact with students and may be the sole adult with student(s) in the classroom or other school-related activities on or off school grounds 
    • Serves as an overnight chaperone 
    • Volunteer coaches, regardless of number of hours served 

    Category 2 Volunteers must: 1) have a TB Test completed within 60 days of submission to the district, 2) complete the online Volunteer Application, and 3) submit fingerprints for DOJ criminal background clearance.  

    Ready to Volunteer?  

    Step 1:  Complete a TB test or risk assessment. Upload the results to the online volunteer application.  You can visit your physician for this assessment, or you can attend one of the courtesy TB Test Clinics sponsored by FCUSD.  You can find the list of scheduled clinics here. This TB test or risk assessment must be completed within 60 days of submission to the district (per California Education Code).

    Step 2: Complete the online volunteer application. Please carefully read the directions when submitting your information. All documents must be completed before the application can be submitted. The application cannot be saved to complete later.

    Step 3: If you are applying to be a Category 2 Volunteer, schedule a livescan fingerprinting appointment for DOJ criminal background clearance. Once you have completed your RAPTOR application, you may make an appointment for a livescan with a third party. You must obtain a FCUSD issued livescan form from the school site. This is REQUIRED regardless if you have had a Livescan done for another district. This cost is not covered by the District. If you have previously had fingerprints processed for FCUSD, you DO NOT need to process them again unless stated otherwise.   

    Click here for a list of Livescan locations

    Step 4: Check your email for updates from Raptor, our volunteer and visitor management system, regarding the status of your application. If you do not receive any emails, please reach out to your school site contact.

    Click Here for the Online Volunteer Application

    Thank you again for supporting our schools! 

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District

    Volunteer Code of Conduct & Agreement

    Volunteer Code of Conduct

    • I will sign in at the main office immediately upon arrival. 
    • I will wear or show volunteer identification whenever required by the school to do so. 
    • I will use only adult bathroom facilities. 
    • I will never be alone with individual students without the express permission of school authorities or the supervising teacher. 
    • I will not contact students outside of school hours without permission from the student’s parents. 
    • I will not exchange telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, social media contacts or any other home directory information with students for any purpose unless it is required as part of my role as a volunteer. I will exchange home directory information only with parental and administrative approval. 
    • I will maintain confidentiality outside of school and will share with teachers and/or school administrators any concerns that I may have related to student welfare and/or safety, i.e. bullying, harassment. 
    • I will not transport students without the written permission of parents or guardians or without the express permission of the school or district. 
    • I will not disclose, use or disseminate photographs of students or school staff, or personal information about students or school staff. 
    • I will notify the school principal if I am arrested for a misdemeanor or felony sex, drug or weapon-related offense. 
    • I will only do what is in the best personal and educational interest of every child with whom I come in contact. 
    • I will wear appropriate attire. 
    • I will follow all District policies, procedures, and applicable laws. 

    Volunteer Agreement

    I hereby indemnify, hold harmless, and release the Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD), its governing board, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability claims, demands, injuries or death, losses, or damage which may be incurred during the course and scope of my volunteer activities with the District. 
    I understand that volunteers are not compensated, and that I may only provide assistance under the direction and supervision of an employee of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. I understand that my volunteer services are at the discretion of the Board through its designee, the site principal/administrator, and that my services may be terminated at any time. I understand that volunteers are covered under the District's Worker's Compensation Policy.  

    By providing my signature, I hereby certify that all statements made on the application and any attachments are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and authorize investigation of all statements herein recorded.