• Advanced Education
    Los Rios Community College District encourages 16-year-old 11th and 12th grade students (and other high school students under special conditions) to enroll for advanced educational enrichment with the approval of their principal/counselor and parent/guardian. High school students may take up to two classes and grades are posted on official college transcripts. California residents are exempt from enrollment fees, but not from books/material costs. Fees for non-residents still apply.

    High school students enrolled in Advanced Education classes earn college credit and get a jump-start on classes that may apply toward a certificate or degree at a Los Rios Community College and/or transfer to a four-year college or university.

     Steps to Advanced Education
    10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630 ● (916) 608-6510
    6699 Campus Drive, Placerville, CA 95667 ● (530) 642-5645
    10378 Rockingham Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95827 ● (916) 255-0717
    o Step 1 – Los Rios Community College District Application:
     Complete the online Los Rios application.  If you are a continuing Advanced Education student, you don't complete the full application again 
    - log onto eServices and complete the Supplemental Enrollment form (link is in upper right hand corner of web page).
    - Complete Advanced Education Application including the following:
    • Copy of high school transcript and current high school class schedule.
    • Approval signatures of High School Official and Parent/Legal Guardian.
    • A copy of your Private School Affidavit when appropriate.
    • Documentation of age (16 years of age or older).
    • Completed personal statement
    o Step 2 – Assessment:
    If assessment placement is a prerequisite for the course, you must take the assessment test BEFORE you meet with a college counselor.  Results must be attached to the advanced education packet.
    o Step 3– High School Counselor:
    Meet with your school counselor to determine what class(es) would be appropriate for you.(Note: Please see back of application for courses excluded from Advanced Education.) Complete Section II with counselor and have counselor sign Section III.
    o Step 4 – College Counseling Session:
    Advanced education students must have their Advanced Education application packet approved by a FLC counselor.   Call the Counseling office at 916-608-6510 for drop-in counseling information. (See cover sheet of Advanced Education Packet for designated times for drop-in.)
    o Step 5 – Registration:
    In person only - submit completed Advanced Education form along with all other corresponding documents to the Admissions & Records office during priority 4 or open registration. Students are responsible for being aware of and adhering to all policies, procedures, and deadlines (including Add and Drop deadlines) as they pertain to all FLC students.
    o Step 6 – Fee Payment:
    Pay UTP fee for Access Card. High school students are only exempt from the regular enrollment fee - not from the UTP fee or fees associated with being a California Non-Resident or an International Student.
    IMPORTANT: If the Advanced Education application is denied or referred to the Dean of Student Development and Enrollment Management, then the student must complete an Advanced Education Petition and provide additional documentation to support the petition. All students applying to take ANY Chemistry class at FLC will be routed through the Dean for special approval via the petition process (petitions will not be approved for any student who has not completed 10th grade or is not 16 years of age).
    For more information or to make a counseling appointment, please call FLC at 916-608-6510, EDC at 530-642-5645 or RCC at 916-255-0717.