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    Hello parents and students,

    I am hoping and praying that everyone is safe and sound as you read this.  I know that it has been a scary and uncertain time for all.  I am endeavoring to create a long -distance learning program for students that will keep them moving forward with their learning and education until our lives get back to normal.  What that will look like and when is still unknown of course.

    A few parents reached out to me and wanted some learning opportunities for their children.  So, all of the below is optional at this time and is not mandatory!


    On my teacher website I have provided three weeks of spelling lists.  Students may write sentences for the words as usual.  I ask that Parents P.U.G.S. their child’s sentences. What that means is check for Punctuation, Usage (is it used in the right form and context?}, Grammar, and Spelling.  Once parents have provided suggestions and edits to the sentences, the students will edit them. As always, I ask the kids to aim for “bubbly” sentences that are interesting and descriptive.  Each sentence should provide context clues for the spelling word’s meaning too.  These can be set aside for me to hopefully eventually grade. I will make it optional is parents want to give their students a spelling test independently at the end of each week. 


    I recommend daily/nightly reading.  I have also provided on my website a link to a Reading Challenge sheet that offers some ways to make the reading a little more exciting. 


    Our Language Arts curriculum is available online.  I have assigned Unit 6 to all students and they should be able to access the program through Clever.  (Remember: to access this and other district programs students need to be logged into the computer through their fcusd.org student account.)

    I will provide more information and guidance through my website under “Benchmark Online” tab.


    All students should have access to their Pearson Realize math textbook and practice book online through the Power School portal.  I have assigned online test for the class to take once they have completed the lessons.  I can’t access the program from a student’s view so if there are any issue accessing the program please let me know.  I will see what I can do to fix any problems.


    TCI, our Social Studies curriculum is also fully available on -line. It may be accessed through the Clever link also.   I have assigned our next two units to all students along with a test.  The first unit covers Slavery in America and this might be a unit that you work on together with your child to complete.  I say this because it may lead to questions that are challenging and difficult due to the content.  In the past we have had some lively conversations when doing the lesson together in person.



    Directly before we left this past week, I assigned a Wanted Poster science project to the kids. They were supposed to have placed the directions in their Friday Folders.  I also have directions posted on my webpage.  This will be a great project for the kids to work on at home.

    They can use the website ptable.com to help with their research. If there is more information needed another great website is https://www.ducksters.com/science/periodic_table.php. If you are lucky enough to have a subscription to an online encyclopedia, they are very useful also.


    The last trimester of school will focus on Narrative writing skills.  I have provided two fun narrative prompts which offer an image as inspiration. 

    See the rubric under my 5th grade writing tab for a guideline as to what a 5th grade narrative piece should contain to stay on track. 

    That is all I have available currently. But I will keep looking for more to add and throw in to keep kids interested hopefully. 

    Any questions, concerns, or even complaints, feel free to email me! Enjoy this time with your families and I will keep everyone in my prayers to be sure! This will pass soon I hope and our lives and move forward, onward, and upward!