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    Club Live

    Mission Statement: Club live is set up to build partnerships for positive and healthy youth development, which engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.Focus: To form a partnership with young people by providing programs rich in opportunities and support, so young people will be less likely to engage in problem behaviors, more likely to achieve in school, and more likely to attend higher education and or secure a full-time job. WHAT IS IT ABOUT?Standards of practice  Safe Environmento Physically/ emotionallyo Alcohol, tobacco and drug freeo Respect Community Engagemento You can make a positive contribution to your community Leadership Advocacyo Your opinion matterso Club members take leadership roles and run eventso Your participation matters to you Caring and Meaningful Relationshipso You make or build strong relationshipso You experience youth and adults working together for success Skill Buildingo You gain and/or develop skillso Engaging in interesting and challenging activities Our Chapter Goal’s: Organize at least one community service projecto Canned Food Drive, Holiday Cards to Convalescent Hospital, Collect fun band-aids for children’s hospitals etc… Implement one environmental prevention project during this year (with resources from the Sacramento County FNL/CL programs)o RAMA – Responsible Alcohol Merchant Award Provide opportunities designed to involve everyone on campus and recruit uninvolved students.o Winter snowflake tree – makes everyone stop and think! Report all activities to FNL/CL staff for data analysiso We want to keep the first place title – we have had it for 4 years!!!!

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