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2020-2021 Schedule



    Where to go to find out what’s happening in Mr. Olsen’s class?


    My Folsom Middle School Teacher Website is the main point of contact for classes. This is the place where you’ll find answers to questions like: What we’re doing today? Where is the slide I saw in today’s class? What did I miss? 


    Click on your class period, then on the Agenda -- where you will see exactly what we're doing for the day. You can also see what's due, notes, and assessments. If you'd like, you can view this information by week, month, unit or learning target.


    How do I know what is due?

    Anything that is due is clearly visible in the agenda, week, month, or learning target. If it is due, students are told verbally and via written directions (in the agenda and in the chat) during the synchronous meetings or in the agenda during asynchronous meetings. Each assignment that is due will have a link to submit the assignment.


    What about late work?

    Fill out a Late Work Form. Be sure to upload and/or include the assignment


    How do I know what I am missing?

    Check PowerSchool. This is the platform that FCUSD uses to communicate information about grades. Keep an eye on your grade by going to https://powerschool.fcusd.org/public/. To learn more about how to check and understand grades, watch this video: 


    How often do you update grades?

    I try to update grades twice a week -- during my prep period. If it is a busy week, it may happen only once.


    How do students meet for Distance Learning?

    In Mr. Olsen’s class, we use Microsoft Teams for Synchronous Learning. Within MS Teams, I communicate with students via video and chat. Student can ask questions and participate in discussions by “raising a hand” or posting in the chat. Please show up to the MS Teams meetings on time, follow along, participate, ask questions when needed (via chat or by raising a hand).


    Do you use Google Classroom? 

    I use Google Classroom to share private links. For example, this is where you will find a link to the MS Teams Meeting. I do not use Google Classroom for assignments or grades. 





    Folsom Middle School Mission

    At Folsom Middle School, we provide a safe environment where all students are able to learn and grow and are empowered to make responsible life choices.


    Folsom Middle School Vision

    Students, staff, and families work collaboratively to prepare students to be academically, socially, and emotionally capable. Students will develop appropriate coping skills and be able to communicate, be creative, think critically, and work individually and as a team to be prepared for future success.