• Advisory during Distance Learning

    Advisory will look very different as we start the school year.  But, the purpose remains the same.  We want all students to feel connected to campus and to have a safe space during the school day.  

    Attendance for Advisory is mandatory.  Please use this time to engage with your advisor and peers in a postive and productive way.


    Are you interested in being a Senator?  Complete the Senator Application by Friday, 8/21/20.

  • "Advisory has a very familiar feel that has built up over the years.” ~Natalia Maverakis

    “Advisory gives us a chance to work with other students and get the help we need from our peers. I also like how we become a community and get to compete in challenges together.” ~Sydney Northcutt

    “Advisory is helpful and homelike.” ~Paige Hodges

    “Advisory is great because it [is] a nice break in the week from stress…” ~Bryce Kreiser

    “I love having Mr. Struebing for advisory. When I needed someone to talk to about college & future jobs, he was there for me & really took the time to talk it out with me.” ~Nicole Leon