• Program Overview
    Folsom Hills Elementary offers a Spanish language magnet program. The magnet program, also known as FLES, offers students participating a chance to begin their foreign language instruction at an early age.
    Students participating in this program receive the same grade level instruction in English as all other students at Folsom Hills. What differentiates their program from a non-FLES classroom is that students receive approximately an hour a day of instruction in the Spanish language by their regular classroom teacher. All Spanish magnet students are taught by fully accredited teachers who are credentialed in Spanish and have multi-subject experience.
    Spanish instruction occurs within the regular classroom and may be integrated with other subject areas such as English, social studies, and science.
    The program is currently filled for the 2019-2020 school year. Parents may elect to put students on a waiting list, should openings arise. Once a student is placed on the wait list he or she remains on it in the prioritized order from year to year. There is no need to reapply.
    Discussed below is some general information relating to the FLES program for both those families who currently have students enrolled in it or for those families who have an interest in applying for it in the future.
    Applicants must complete their home school registration packet during registration week and attach the Folsom Cordova Spanish Magnet Program application. These applications are available at every FCUSD elementary school office as well as in the district office.
    In the event that there are more applicants interested in this program than there are spaces, a random computerized drawing will be conducted at the district office to select the participants.
    Students accepted into the program do not need to reapply each year to participate. Students who are accepted into the program remain in the program through 5th grade. Once accepted, Folsom Hills becomes a student’s home school throughout their participation in the Spanish magnet program. Please see below for information regarding middle school.
    Effective for the 2020-21 school year, FCUSD has modified previous middle school and high school choice options.  For current information, please refer to the FCUSD website at:  https://www.fcusd.org/Page/29668.
    Siblings of Spanish magnet students may apply for the program. Unfortunately, due to the large interest and popularity of this program, we are unable to guarantee sibling placement. Siblings of Spanish magnet students are not guaranteed placement at Folsom Hills.