• ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome back to school! 



    ¡Hola! Hello! 

    I hope you have all enjoyed this very long Spring Break, and that you are all enjoying good health! 

    My name is Mr. Pérez. I will be your teacher this year. It is going to be a new experience for all of us doing distance learning. It might also be challenging for you as well as for me. However, we will be learning together and I will do my best to ensure you have a positive, rewarding, and exciting experience in  5th grade. I am thrilled to get to know each one of you, to learn about and from you, and to help you be successful. 

    A little bit more about me. I am the oldest of two brothers. I was born in Colombia many years ago, and moved to the United States in 1996. I have attended a couple of universities in my academic life: City College of San Francisco, UC Davis, Università degli Studi in Bologna, Italy, and have taken classes online from Loyola Marymount in Southern California. I love learning about people and places, as a result, one of my passions is traveling. With Covid 19, I have continued to travel locally, while maintaining social distancing. 

    Enough about me. As fifth graders, you are now the oldest, wisest, coolest (?) kids at school. Therefore, and in order to become successful middle schoolers next year, you will be required to exercise and exhibit self-control and common sense, be it online or in the classroom. Indeed, talk to your parents about these concepts. They will agree that all students need to learn in an environment where matters matter. 

    Please be sure to have a quiet working area at home, away from distractions such as the TV, other electronics, siblings, animals, etc.  I understand that this may be challenging, but it will be VERY important for you learning during this time where you will not be here in the room with me.  Also, please have all of your school supplies ready and with you during our learning time.  See the "Distance Learning Supplies" list below.

    Although there are many unknowns this year, we are still hopeful that we will enjoy our annual trip to Sly Park in January of 2021. 

    I can't wait to meet you! We will make it a great year! 


     Sr. Pérez

    Distance Learning Supplies

    A charged and ready to go Chromebook computer. 

    A Good Book to read during quiet time

    One Hi-Polymer eraser 

    Set of earphones or headphones

    Colored pencils/markers

    1 quadrille notebook for Math/Math journal, spiral if possible. 

    3 spiral notebooks

    • They will be your Spanish journal, Response Journal, and Language Arts Workshop Journal)

    Post it notes


    Dry-erase markers

    2 Extra fine tip black Sharpies

    3 pencils

    Small Pencil sharpener

    In Person Supplies List – Please Label EVERYTHING with your name 

    (You may get these now or wait until we're able to return to school)   

    6 Fine point Dry Erase Markers                             

    1 clean old sock for erasing

    Glue Sticks 

    Red ballpoint pen


    Please, no mini staplers, binders, or pencil boxes.  Pencil Pouches will fit in your desk, however.