Welcome and School Supplies

  • Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to 3rd grade!  I am happy to take this opportunity to welcome you to our third-grade community and the 2023-2024 school year.  I hope your family had a wonderful, healthy break, and are ready for a terrific and challenging adventure in Room D18.  


    I sincerely look forward to meeting parents at Back-School Night, when we will have the opportunity to meet as a group to discuss materials, curriculum, and classroom procedures.  


    It will be very helpful to have the suggested supplies listed below by the end of the first week.  Remember to label backpacks, lunch bags, jackets, supplies, etc.)  Let me know if you have trouble finding or providing any of the listed items. 


    I am excited about our new year together and look forward to meeting everyone soon!   Please email me with any questions at mkrewson@fcusd.org.  



    Mrs. Krewson

     Suggested Supplies List

    *2- (100 sheet, tape bound) Wide Ruled Composition Books (1 for writing and 1 for Math)

    *1- Pencil pouch with zipper.  (No pencil boxes. They don’t fit in the small desk trays)

    *Small pencil sharpener with a shavings catcher

    *Large eraser 

    *1- small bottle of Elmer’s type glue 

    *1- set of colored pencils (box of 12 or 24 sharpened)

    *1-box of 24 crayons. (nothing larger...does not fit in desk)

    *1 hi-lighter (any color)

    *1- set of dry erase markers

    *1-box of markers

    *1-ruler with inches and centimeters

    *1- old (clean) sock to use as an eraser for whiteboard work. 

    *Scissors marked with your child’s name

    *earbuds/earphones in a small Ziplock bag, the kind with a zipper, not the press shut type. We will use these daily. Please label the bag clearly. 

    *1- post-it pad

    Optional Classroom DONATIONS. No need to label. 

    *Kleenex type tissues :) *Sharpies (black)

    *Cleaning wipes *White copy paper

    Thank you for taking the time to gather these supplies.  I REALLY APPRECIATE  all of the donations you can add to our class!  Your child will also need to bring a book for Silent Reading EVERY day! Again, please remember to LABEL EVERYTHING (Backpack, lunch, jackets, supplies etc.)