• ABC's image Welcome to Distance Learning! I have shared many ideas and links on my Schoology page for you to use as you see fit. My recommendation is to try and get in at least 30 minutes/week of i-Ready Reading and Math and/or Lexia and an hour of PE (physical exercise).  It would be great if you could check out the science and social studies links/activities as well. 

    Please email me if you're having difficulties accessing any of the programs.

    Take care,

    Mrs. Houseman


  • Andrea Houseman
    Room 6
    Daily Schedule 
    8:25 - Early Bird Reading
    9:10 - Journals, Calendar
    9:55 - Recess
    10:10 - Language Arts
    11:20 - Lunch
    12:10 - Read Aloud
    12:20- Math
    1:00 - Science/Social Studies
    1:52 - Early Birds Home/Late Bird Reading
    2:37 - Late Birds Home