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    Sports Physical
    To participate in or tryout for a school sport, all athletes must upload a completed (by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) Sports Physical form to

    The Sports Physical form is good for one calendar year. Please note, chiropractors and physical therapists cannot sign an athlete’s Sports Physical form.
    Athletes must be cleared by the Athletic Director or coach before they may participate in a practice. Please check your email for clearance confirmation. 

    To set up an account, please follow the instructions linked below:

    *Transportation Fee/Donations
    Due to the continued bus driver shortage, there will be no bus transportation to games and thus no transportation fees. Please consider donating to our sports programs. Payments and donations will be received at the Student Accounts Office or online. Transportation Fee/Donation Form 

    Dear Parents:

    Congratulations, if your athlete is fortunate enough to making a Folsom Middle School Team. Many young athletes try out for a team and typically only 10 - 15 or fewer get the chance to play for the school team. Making the team in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. The philosophy of the program is to give all athletes a chance to experience a tryout procedure and participate in an abbreviated high school type of sports experience.

    There are a few important pieces of information that Folsom Middle School Athletics would like to share with our families. The first is, with regard to the amount of playing time each athlete gets during a game. This is a decision that is left entirely up to the coach. There is no policy, at this level, that athletes on the team are entitled to play a certain amount of time. If this is an area of concern, then you and your athlete may want to reconsider being part of a Folsom Middle School Team.

    The second piece of information involves your support for your athlete at the games, along with honoring the coaches and the officials and their decisions. We ask that your cheering be respectful and encouraging to the teams that are playing – whether you are for or against a particular team. We also ask that you do not become confrontational towards the officials on “calls” made by the officials that you don’t agree with. We know others may exhibit inappropriate behavior, but we ask that you remain positive and supportive to the coaches, officials, athletes, and the game.

    Finally, if you have a concern or disagreement with the coach, we ask that you wait until an appropriate time to discuss the matter. 

    We look
    forward to a great season and thank you for your support.


    Aaron MacDonald
    Athletic Director

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