Welcome to the Mitchell Middle School Music Department! I'm very excited about beginning my 21st year at Mitchell, with one choir (hopefully we'll have two soon!), a beginning orchestra (first time ever at Mitchell), an Advanced Orchestra and Advanced Band, and TWO beginning bands! Please note, our Advanced classes will be a combination of advanced and intermediate players. All beginning ensembles will be students who have never played before. 
    If you ever have any questions, email is the very best and easiest way of contacting me. This year I will be teaching at 120% (meaning I'll teach 6 of 7 periods, instead of 5 of 7, which is a regular schedule for teachers), which means I'll be very busy. Feel free to email me with any question or concern at any time. 
    Our concert concerts are on the calendar for November 8, 9, 15, and 16. The choir will be on one date, the orchestras one date, and the bands on another date. I have not determined which date which concert will be, but will let you know as soon as it is decided. 
    This year will mark the beginning of my final 3 years at Mitchell; I have decided to retire after that. That means this will be the last group of 6th grade students who will have me for three years (assuming they continue in music while at Mitchell). I hope to have a wonderful last few years, and look forward to the wonderful music we will make this year! 
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    Period 1  Advanced Band 
    Period 2  Advanced Orchestra
    Period 3  Beginning Orchestra
    Period 4  Choir
    Period 5  Beginning Band-A
    Period 6  Beginning Band-1
    (916) 294-9050 ext 720174