•  Welcome to our Music Program!
     Our students did a wonderful job on their concerts, I am very proud of them. We are winding down the semester and I am inputting grades now. Please check with your student to make sure they are all caught up on their summatives. Many assignments are posted on Google Classroom, so feel free to have your student log on and show you the assignments, and whether or not they've completed them. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. 
    Our remaining concerts this year are:
    Winter Concerts:  Feb 4 (Orchestra), Feb 12 (Band) at and with CHS, and Mills
    Choir TBD
    Spring Concert: May 14 Evening on the Green at Mitchell
    Golden Empire (for Advanced Students)-March 28
    Six Flags Festival (for those attending Golden Empire)-April 18


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    Period 1 Advanced Band
    Period 2 Advanced Orchestra
    Period 3 Intermediate Band
    Period 4 Intermediate Orchestra
    Period 6 Concert Choir
    (916) 294-9050 ext 720174