•  Welcome to our Music Program!
     I am so excited that you have chosen to be a part of our wonderful music department! We have advanced and intermediate level classes for band, orchestra, and choir. Your student will have a great opportunity to improve their musicianship, study skills, ability to work with a group, working towards a goal, and listening skills. I will try to update this website regularly to kee you informed. I also use Google Classroom and email. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me (email is preferred) if you ever have a question or concern. 
    Our Concerts this year are:
    Fall Concerts: Nov. 19 & 20, and Dec 10 (choir) at CHS
    Winter Concerts:  Feb 4 (Orchestra), Feb 12 (Band) at and with CHS, and Mills
    Choir TBD
    Spring Concert: May 14 Evening on the Green at Mitchell

    Please check with your student whether they've turned in their playing tests or not. If they are in band or orchestra they should have submitted two video playing tests by Monday, Oct. 7, or they are at risk of earning a D or F for the quarter. 

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    Period 1 Advanced Band
    Period 2 Advanced Orchestra
    Period 3 Intermediate Band
    Period 4 Intermediate Orchestra
    Period 6 Concert Choir
    (916) 294-9050 ext 720174