Welcome to  Orchestra 
    Update- Please check into Google classroom for instructions to connect with Smartmusic.  I put the link to sign up and did a small assignment to let me know if you were able to connect to the software.  Smartmusic is practice software with lots of exercises and music included.  Feel free to look around and play with it.  Advanced orchestra please continue to work on the fast part of Midsummer.  Work with a metronome to get the part steady and work up to 108 in cut time.
    I'm sad to say that the State Capitol trip and rehearsal are both canceled.  We are trying to reschedule Folsom Empire for the beginning of May.  If your instrument is still in the room I am waiting to find out when we can bring those out for you to pick up.
    Please check in for practice help and some additional music.  I have a google classroom set up for every class and will post things there.
    At this time we have not canceled Six Flags.  I will make that decision at the beginning of April in hopes of having more information. I hope we will be able to resume or scheduled activities after Spring break.



    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is set for April 25. We have room for 1 more chaperone for Six Flags. 


    If you need to contact me please use email, I check it often.
    Margy Moon  mmoon@fcusd.org