Welcome to Mr. Phillips' Phabulous 4th/5th Combo Class!

             "Lifting Expectations High!"   

    Not sure about you, but I'm DONE with Covid-19! Please stay in touch with both the school and district websites for important updates!
    My class/students: Make sure to check in daily to schoology.com for updates and assignments, along with some fun links to help your learning while we wait for Blanche to reopen. 👍
    To all who came by on Monday, May 11th it was good seeing you and handing back all of your personal belongings and school work done this year! If you did not make it by, I'm not sure when or if they will open the school up for you to get your stuff before the end of the year, check with office.
    If you ordered a Yearbook, it should of come to you by snail mail. If you did not receive yours, check with the office.
    How to get to Envision Math: 1) login to fcusd.org; 2) login to Power school using code given to you for your child; 3) click on Pearson courses; 4) choose the grade level math your child is in...either 4th or 5th; then navigate to the Topic your child is currently studying
    Upcoming Events:
     Through May: No School due to virus!
    Be safe, healthy, and stay positive!
    Mr. P
    Please make sure to take out all of the important papers from both the Wednesday folders. Also, sign the agendas each day so I know that you have seen what homework was. Sometimes students forget to inform mom and dad that they may have some extra work due to abnormal chatter during in-class work time.

    Interested in volunteering in either the classroom or on field trips? Stop by the school office and pick up the BLUE packet....every volunteer must have a current TB test, and those chaperoning on field trips need to get finger printed...thank you for helping out our kids here at Sprentz!!

    Book Orders:
    If you would like to order books from Scholastic and give credit to our classroom, go directly to www.scholastic.com and sign up....use code  GT2KD
    *   Also, make sure to click on the links section for websites that will enhance each of our subject areas - www.khanacademy.com will demonstrate, using videos, how to solve many questions regarding subject matter...the passageway into vocabularyworkshop, after getting to the site, choose: 1)2005-06 edition, 2)Orange level, 3)student
    Don't forget: Bear Readers - READ every day
    and keep track of your reading range with Accelerated Reader!read


    Fourth Grade
    email me at: jphillip@fcusd.org
    (916)985-3626 / ext 108

     Allstar Students this month: My whole brave, persevering class!😄

      Daily Schedule:
    8:25am           Fitness
    8:45 - 9:00     Daily preparation/roll & lunch count
    9:10 - 10:15   Math
    10:15 - 10:30  Passing Period/snack time
    10:30 - 11:55  Language Arts
    12:00 - 12:40  Lunch
    12:45 - 1:10    SSR/I-Ready
    1:10 - 1:30      Social Science
    1:30 - 1:50      Recess
    1:50-2:35        Art/songs
    2:37                Dismissal
    P. E = Tues./Thurs.: 10:30-11:05
    Library = Tues: 2:00-2:30
    Music = Tues./Wed.: 11:10-11:45
    Chrome Books = Wed./ Thur.