• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten, the second happiest place on earth.  I'm am very excited to be teaching your wonderful and inquisitive children this year. I will fill your child's year with lots of exciting as well as motivating academic and social lessons. My goal is to make learning fun and successful for each child. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, compliments, or concerns.
    Mrs. Alley
    8:00               Class Begins
    8:00-8:20       Opening
    8:20-8:40       Story Time
    8:40-9:05       Choice Time
    9:05-9:30       Intro to Centers
    9:30-10:00     Centers  
    10:00-10:45   Potty/Snack/ Recess    
    10:45-11:10   Stories/Games/Drama               
    11:10-11:21   Closing
    **Wed & Fri 8:35-9:05   P.E.

Contact Information


    Mrs. Kristina Alley   

    Transitional Kindergarten

    Room 1

    (916) 294-9110  ext 210201
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     Inquisitive Cubs