Classroom News!

  • ROLLER KING FIELD TRIP-Our next field trip is to Roller King Skate Center in Roseville, which will be on Friday, February 7th. Please be on the lookout for the permission slip to be coming home soon. We would love if you could also join us as a parent chaperone for this fun STEM based field trip! We can take as many parents as would like to attend, but you will need to drive your own vehicle and meet us there as the buses have limited seating. The cost of the trip will be $20 per student, which includes fees for the bus, pizza lunch at the rink, time to rollerskate and the science lesson.

    As many parents as want to go, may attend. You will need to drive your own vehicle to the rink. The trip is free for adults, unless you plan to skate yourself. The cost will then be $5, payable at the rink.







Contact Information

  • Mr. English 

    National Board Certified Teacher-Middle Childhood
    B.A. Liberal Studies-C.S.U.S.
    M.A. Education: Curriculum & Instruction-C.S.U.S.
    STEM Lead Teacher
    Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Consultant
    Drama Company Director
    Room D2
    916-294-9140 ext. 240242
    8:25-8:40---Opening (attendance, lunch count, flag salute. (We will have Music on Mondays from 8:30-9:05.)
    8:40-9:50---Mathematics Block and M.T.S.S.
    9:50-10:40---Continue Mathematics Block
    11:00-12:30---E.L.A. Block (We will have Music on Fridays from 11:10-11:45.)
    1:10-2:25---Social Studies or Science
    2:10-2:35---Team P.E. (T, W, TH)