Classroom News!

  •  This week is the school spelling bee! Drama Company auditions for this year's show will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, December 10 in room D2 starting at 2:50!

    SCIENCE-We are starting a new unit of science this week. It is on Earth Systems and will focus on water conservation and big ideas such as the water cycle.

    POETRY-Students will be memorizing The Night Before Christmas as their December poem for recitation. They will be put into groups of six to work on the poem, as it is quite long. Each member of the group will memorize certain sections to recite. Students are encouraged to use props such as jingle bells, Santa hats, etc. to spice up their recitations. These will be given the week of December 9-13.

    NUTCRACKER FIELD TRIP-We will be attending the NUTCRACKER BALLET performed by the Sacramento Ballet Company on Thursday, December 19. We will ride by bus to Memorial Auditorium in mid-town Sacramento for the show. Students are highly encouraged to dress up a bit for this event. So, no one should be wearing shorts or t-shirts. A nice shirt or blouse for for girls is encouraged. Jeans are fine to wear. We will be able to take a limited number of parents with us as we only have a certain number of tickets. This is an extremely popular Sacramento tradition and it fills up quickly. We were lucky to get to go last year and now we are automatically booked for the following year, each year. The permission slip should come home Monday, December 2nd and be returned with payment by December 13.







Contact Information

  • Mr. English 

    National Board Certified Teacher-Middle Childhood
    B.A. Liberal Studies-C.S.U.S.
    M.A. Education: Curriculum & Instruction-C.S.U.S.
    STEM Lead Teacher
    Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Consultant
    Drama Company Director
    Room D2
    916-294-9140 ext. 240242
    8:25-8:40---Opening (attendance, lunch count, flag salute. (We will have Music on Mondays from 8:30-9:05.)
    8:40-9:50---Mathematics Block and M.T.S.S.
    9:50-10:40---Continue Mathematics Block
    11:00-12:30---E.L.A. Block (We will have Music on Fridays from 11:10-11:45.)
    1:10-2:25---Social Studies or Science
    2:10-2:35---Team P.E. (T, W, TH)