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  • Vista del Lago High School

    AP/Honors Program Policies and Procedures


    Much consideration should be given to the decision to enroll in an AP/Honors course.  There are many benefits to taking an AP/Honors course.  However, all aspects of enrollment should be considered before making such a commitment. If you have questions or concerns regarding AP/Honors, please feel free to contact your student’s counselor or an AP teacher.

    Procedure for enrolling in an AP/Honors course:

    1. Navigate to the home page of the AP/Honors course you are interested in taking.   Review the information to be sure you are ready for the commitment and expectations of the course.

    2. Review the policies and procedures listed below and be sure you are willing to follow them. 

    3. Answer the questions on the Google form in order to be sure there is a record of your visit to the page.  The Google form will ask if you are willing to follow the policies and procedures of the program.

    4. Select the course in PowerSchool along with your other course choices

    5. Select the course  on your course selection from 

    6. The student will be notified if they have been placed in the desired course when course verification sheets are delivered in May.

    AP/Honors course homepages:  

    Each AP/Honors course has a homepage with information about the course.  It is required that students read this information in order to be correctly informed about the rigor and expectations of the course.  Students will need to complete the accompanying Google form on each page to record their visit to the page.  Those who do not complete this task will have last priority in the courses if it becomes impacted.


    Policy for completing AP summer work:

    Students are expected to complete assignments over summer break.  Student’s grades will be adversely affected if the summer work is not complete.  Summer work for each course is posted on the AP program website prior to the end of the school year.  Students are responsible for finding out what summer work has been assigned.  Not all teachers contact students individually.  Teacher availability is not guaranteed during summer break. 


    Policy for dropping an AP course:

    Students should seriously consider enrollment in an AP/Honors course, realizing that in most cases there are limited seats for AP/Honors courses and taking up a spot and then dropping it when the school year begins affects their fellow AP/Honors students.  Students are allowed to request to drop an AP/Honors course through the first week of school in August.  However, students are not guaranteed a replacement schedule of their choice.  Dropping any course after the first week of school results in a “drop F’ for the course.


    Procedure to be placed on waitlist:

    If students are not given a seat in their requested AP/Honors course, and they have fulfilled the prerequisites, they are eligible to be placed on a waitlist for seats that may become available due to students dropping the AP/Honors course.  Students will not automatically be placed on the waitlist for a course.  In order to be placed on the waitlist, a form must be submitted to the counseling department indicating continued interest in the course.  These forms will be distributed in May with course confirmation sheets. 


    The Google Form will ask you to agree to the following:

    • I am expected to visit each home page of the course I wish to take and complete the Google form for each course posted on that page.

    • I am held accountable for completing required summer reading/writing assignments by the due date.  

    • I am committed to the full term of study and understand that it is expected although not required to take the corresponding AP exam.  I cannot have my schedule changed mid-term due to difficulty of material.

    • I understand the workload per AP class is extremely rigorous—and will require a minimum of 1-2 hours per class of homework per night. 

    • I understand that if I choose to drop an AP course during the first week of classes, I am not guaranteed a replacement schedule of my choice. 

    • I understand that to be placed on the waiting list for a course, I must complete paperwork before I leave for summer break.