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    How to enroll in an Honors or AP Course
    1.  Navigate to the home page of the Honors or AP course you are interested in taking.  The link is in the navigation bar on the left.  Review the information to be sure you are ready for the commitment and expectations of the course.  Be sure to answer questions on the Google form on each page of each course you are interested in in order to be sure there is record of your visit to the page.
    2.  Navigate to the AP Parent Information Presentation and read through the slides for the most accurate up to date information about our AP Program.  Many questions can be answered here.
    3.   Find the AP/Honors Policy and Procedures contract in your registration packet.  Read it and have student and parent sign it.  It must be included with your registration materials.
    4.  Select the Honors or AP class on your course selection from and turn in registration paperwork on time.
    In May you will get confirmation regarding your placement in your desired Honors or AP courses.  If you have been given confirmation that your have a space in an Honors or AP course, you are responsible for completing the summer work.  All summer work can be accessed from this AP Program page after the last day of the school year. 
    Waitlist information: If you are given a "Waitlist" form with your course confirmation sheet in May, you are responsible for returning it signed if you would like to continue to be considered for the course.  You will be responsible for completing summer work and do so at risk of not actually being placed in the course.
    If you have questions regarding the enrollment into an Honors or AP course, please see your counselor.