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    Posted by Sandy Spaulding on 8/20/2016 1:00:00 PM

    jumping rope Remember when you were a child and you made up silly sentences, jump rope rhymes and songs? You were playing with oral language. This is phonemic awareness; the manipulation of the sounds of language. Phonemic awareness is a 'foundational skill' and a building block in learning to read. Through the years, we have found that many White Rock students are missing this key skill. 

    Those silly songs we sang as a child may not seem so important. But they are an important part in learning the song of language. Remember that rhyming words end the same. Bug rhymes with rug and mug, for example.

    There are many ways that you can help build your child's rhyming skills.

    • Read rhyming books
    • Sing songs
    • Give your child a word (such as 'hog') and see how many rhyming words she can tell you.
    • Play 'memory' by having your child try to matching rhymed pictures.
    • Play Silly Story by having your child say his name and tell what he has that rhymes with his name  (My name is Joe, I have a toe, my toe is low.)
    • Tell knock knock jokes

    It only takes a few minutes to play silly games to build rhyming and phonemic awareness skills.  There are MANY Internet resources for easy to create and easy to play rhyming games. 

    Ask your child to rhyme. Ask your child's teacher if your child needs to learn to rhyme. The teachers have several ideas on how to play with rhyming.



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