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    Welcome to the Folsom Hills Elementary PTA website.  PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association.  (Not "Parents To Avoid", a common misunderstanding).  At Folsom Hills, we know that it really does take a village to raise our kids and with the combined efforts of our teachers and parents, our school provides a well rounded, educational and fun learning experience for all students.  Through the dedication of our outstanding teachers and the generous volunteer efforts of our families, the students at Folsom Hills Elementary benefit from a variety of stimulating learning activites.  
    All are welcome to attend the General Association PTA meetings.  Our General Association meetings are scheduled for August 22, October 17, January 16 and April 17 at 7pm in the school library.  Our meetings are a great opportunity to hear updates and news from our principal, to ask questions, to meet and hear from teachers, to understand how the PTA budgets and spends money, and to voice your opinion about our school and the events and programs we sponsor.  Yes, the PTA is always looking for volunteers to help our school continue to be great but FEAR NOT...attending a meeting doesn't mean you agree to lead the next school wide event.  (Unless of course you want to!)
    I encourage you to get involved in your child's education.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns or if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity.
    Terri Langley
    PTA president
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