Welcome to 6th Grade!

  • Welcome back to school and to the 6th grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting, enjoyable and challenging year for all of our students.

    I will be sharing information about our curriculum and class procedures at Back to School Night on Thursday, Aug. 16th.  The schedule for the evening is:
       5:30 - 5:55    Title 1 meeting in the multi
       6:00 - 6:30    Primary classroom presentations
       6:30 - 7:00    Intermediate classroom presentations

    Communication is a vital piece to your child’s success.  My goal for each child is to make him/her an independent, responsible learner.  I will contact you if there are ongoing problems, but feel strongly that students need to be given a chance to grow on their own prior to parent contact. (There are always exceptions.)  I will talk with and problem solve with your child, give your student a chance to make changes, and then call home if there is no change in the situation.  Parental support with school work and appropriate behavior are critical.  In addition, each student has been given a Monday folder for school wide correspondence which will also contain classroom correspondence.

    Please take a moment to fill out a "Parent Information Form".  You can access and fill out the form online from the menu on the left, or wait for the form that I send home on Thursday, the first day of school.  


    Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.  You can call me at school and leave a voice mail, send a note, or email.  (A note or email is the best way to contact.)  I will do my best to respond within a day, and will check my email at least once a day.  If you don’t hear from me within a few days, I may not have received the message. 

    I know several of our families already, but have not met many of you. I am eager to get to know you and your children.

    Committed partner in your child’s education,

    Denise Sheppard

    (916)294-9115, ext. 605202



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