• How to Share Your News
    Success stories happen every day in our schools, and the Office of Communication and Community Engagement is available to work with District staff, students, families and community members to help spread the word. After submitting your news item here, our staff - including trained students from the office's Communication Internship Program - will work with you to find the best way to tell your story. 
    Use this form to submit your story ideas:
    Examples of support we can provide:
    News & Success Stories:
    If you would like us to share a story from your school using one or all of our communication tools, please select this option.
    If you want someone from our office to capture visuals from your event, please select this option.
    Media Advisory:   
    If there is an upcoming event that you would like the media to know about, please select this option.
    If you need assistance with preparing for an interview with the media, need to develop a communication strategy or need help in planning a public event, please select this option. 
    If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the Director of Communication and Community Engagement at (916) 294-9000 or agriffin@fcusd.org.
    What Makes a Good News Story?
    The best stories - the ones that most effectively resonate with your audience - are timely, visual, clearly demonstrate impact and have a human face to the news. Here are some examples of areas you can find good news: 
    • Individual student and staff successes & achievements
    • Unique programs, projects or other educational opportunities for students
    • Examples of our classrooms effectively leading changes to educational policies & practices
    • Events of interest to the community-at-large
    • Projects, events or achievements that reflect the mission and objectives of our District
    Timeline of Requests
    We have so much positive news to share, it takes a lot of juggling. The more advance notice you can provide, the better we can work together to spread the word. When possible, please give us 10-12 business days notice for events and other news.