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    Hello and welcome to my webpage. Please use the different tabs to access information for my classes. Students will be completing work electronically, as well as on paper. All electronic assignment documents will be posted on Google Classroom. Some assignments will be completed on either Google Classroom or GoFormative.com. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns.
    I'm looking forward to a great year studying U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, and Film as Visual Literature! 
    Dave Werra
    Social Science Division Leader
    Room IB-201
    US History, Film as Visual Literature, Psychology-Sociology
    Phone: 294-2400 ext. 415332
    *Click on my name to email me
    Daily Schedule
    Period 0: U.S. History
    Period 1: Film as Visual Literature  
    Period 2: Psychology/Sociology 
    Period 3: Prep  
    Period 4: Film as Visual Literature  
    Period 5: Film as Visual Literature