• Welcome to Mr. Wall's Spring 2018 Econ Website 
    We are starting the stock market project today!  In order to register for the competition, follow the instructions below...
    1. Click on the Investopedia website.  Once you are on the website you roll your cursor over "SIMULATOR" TAB and click on Stock Simulator. 
    2. Now click through the menus asking if you want their "offers" - get to the page that says "join games" 
    3. At the bottom right of the menus offering games you'll se a link - "view more games" - click on that link.
    4. When the search box is shown, type "folsom" in the box that asks for keywords.  You will then see the Folsom HS Spring 2018 game.  Click on JOIN game
    5. Next the screen will ask for a password since ours is a PRIVATE game.  Type "Bulldogs" as the Password.  You will then be in our game and be free to trade!
    You should make a bookmark for my Teacher website so it is easily accessible.  
    Don't forget to use the text book online resources!  Test questions are found there! 
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