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    This website is for MY students in the CLASS of 2021 now entering their SENIOR year!  This is the most unique senior year in FHS History! You get to be a part of it! We will use technology and personal support to thrive in this environment and have some fun along the way. 
    If you are visiting this site then you are in the home stretch here at FHS - Don't let Senioritis derail you from being successful in this class!  I 
    Here are some things you can do to maximize your performance & learning in my class!
    1. Stay organized!  Use your calendar tools on your computer to remind yourself of due dates and class activities. 
    2. Attend class & stay engaged! : Discussions and conversation about economic topics are very important in learning the material.   Periodically there will be quizzes on the material discussed in class.   There is no substitute for learning via intellectual analysis in real time.  You need to ask questions & work through the concepts mentally so you understand. 
    3. Read & do your assignments to learn about economics - NOT just to "complete" the task.  There will be random "pop quizzes" to check to see that you learned something from your work & we will be utilizing the "flipped classroom" model A LOT!  This means that you will learn independently using reading, videos & activities & then use that knowledge in class.
    4. Participate in class discussions and listen critically to explanation of theories, explanations and analysis of data.  
    5. Take notes regularly and study material in order to achieve success on tests, learn effectively & achieve good grades. 
    6. Use all the information availble to you to maximize understanding! 
     I am excited to get started this school year with all my new students and can't wait to see all the new faces in my class!  GO DOGS!!!
    Mr. Wall (in the cloud)
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