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    PARENTS: If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at msharp@fcusd.org



    Please email me at msharp@fcusd.org to say hi and tell me how you are doing. Also, I'm up on Schoology. Check it out.

    For my English students, if you are missing an assignment from the 3rd quarter, you can still work on it and turn it in. Most of the assignments are on this site under HANDOUTS. There is also a link to the assignments in Schoology. At this time, this does not include the Macbeth assignments.

             Schoology Access Codes:

    English 1 (10): 65D6-PRVS-KKZTS

    English 2 (10): 4BVB-84BZ-7WX22

    English 3 (10): MZ7M-DMNV-GZRVD

    2nd Period Study Skills: G3HD-27MQ-4ZVB9 

    4th Period Study Skills: 4P7B-44RP-J5R83 



    English 1 (10): yy3lima

    English 2 (10): 66gelgm

    English 3 (10): yadqfbq

    2nd Period Study Skills: fafn5es

    4th Period Study Skills: lgmddcg

    PAWS Advisory: yn6unhg


     Miscellaneous Information

    ~ For information about self-care and how to talk to your student about COVID-19:  https://www.fcusd.org/Page/38830

    ~Supplemental Educational Resources:  https://www.fcusd.org/Page/38829

    ~We are still planning what instruction and related services will look like

    ~Distance learning will be launched tentatively on March 27, 2020

    ~For information about current meal distritribution:  https://www.fcusd.org/Page/38828





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