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  • AP Euro Updates:

    The AP CollegeBoard exam registration has opened. Please review the registration letter on our website to the left. The deadline is this week!


    The Family Group Study Guides are due Monday, October 21st. Expect a quiz on the Family Group material! Be sure to check our link for extra study help...


    McKay reading outlines, note-taking help, questions, and terms are on our website for Chapters 11-21. This will complete our chapter readings for the first semester!

    All first semester terms are posted on our website. 

    McKay11 Reading Homework: 

    Chapter 18 - Reading, notes, objective questions, and terms: due by Friday, October 18, 2019.


    For each chapter, you will be expected to 1) Read the chapter, 2) Take notes on the material, 3) Answer the "objective" questions, and 4) Define the terms. These should be hand-written.


    Check out PowerSchool for upcoming due dates for our Biographical Project.







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