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    Current Topics:

    Disease; War and Social Change; Stasis or Change; Science and Medicine; Feudalism; Christine de Pizan; Joan of Arc; Geoffrey Chaucer

    Upcoming Topics:

    The Renaissance; The Reformation 









  • AP Euro Assignments:

    Be sure to keep up with your McKay reading, note-taking, terms, and questions.

    McKay reading outlines, note-taking help, questions, and terms are on our website for Chapters 12 and 13.

    For each chapter, you will be expected to 1) Read the chapter, 2) Take notes on the material, 3) Answer the "objective" questions, and 4) Define the terms. These should be hand-written.

    The chapter outline will help you understand the basics of the reading so you have a starting point to the complicated college-level reading.

    Print out the outline and add your own notes on a separate piece of paper. Let the headings and subheadings be your guide through the note-taking.

    We will begin in-class journal writing this week.



    McKay11 Reading Homework: 

    Chapter 12 - Reading, notes, objective questions, and terms: due by Friday, August 30, 2019.








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