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    Napoleon; The Congress of Vienna; The Age of Metternich


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    Industrialization; Final Review for the First Semester Final Exam



















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    2nd Quarter Bonus Assignment:

    Due by December 11, 2020. No late bonus work accepted!


    The final exam will consist of sections on 1. The French Revolution; 2. McKay Chapters 15-21. A study guide for the French Revolution is posted on this website.


    Use your McKay notes and the chapter outlines as guides for the McKay portion of the test. Other resources include your DTE's and the McKay practice quizzes under helpful websites.




    Class assignments are posted on Google Classroom.


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 1 = yf5wpby

    Period 2 = 2dw4j7y

    Period 3 = c3ixx4t

    Period 4 = x4bfrds


    PAW's = oq3ari3


    AP Euro Resources:


    Outlines and topic mapping for all chapters of the McKay11 text for semester 1 are posted on this website to assist you with your Cornell notes. 

    There are 160 terms from chapters 11-21 posted for you on this website.


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