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    Teaching Schedule: Room A208

    Period One:     Sophomore English

    Period Two:    GPS Senior English 

    Period Three:    Sophomore English

    A lunch

    Period Four:      Sophomore English

    Period Five:      GPS Senior English

    Period Six:       Sophomore English



    Or go to our Folsom High HOME page and scroll down on the far left side until you get to "Mcgraw Hill ConnectEd" Your screen should look like:
    Example of Study Sync Mcgraw Hill login page for Students  (If your page does not look like this, you are logging in to the wrong site!)
    Please log in to classroom.google.com as soon as possible:
                                    Period = Class Code
    1st -  Sophomore English  =   tqnebre
    2nd - Senior GPS English   =  88ummm2
    3rd -  Senior GPS English  =  
    4th -  Sophomore English =  
    5th -  Sophomore English  =  
    6th - Sophomore English  =
    Period = Class ID = Password


     Sign on to my Remind 101:
    Text to 81010.
    Then, In the message of the text:
    to join Period 1 text in the message “@fhsdreeve1”
    to join Period 2 text in the message “@fhsdreeve2”
    to join Period 3 text in the message “@fhsdreeve3”
    to join Period 4 text in the message “@fhsdreeve4”
    to join Period 5 text in the message “@fhsdreeve5”
    to join Period 6 text in the message “@fhsdreeve6”
    to join my PAWS text in the message “@fhsdreeve7”
    Period 1 = ClassID = 22060578  Enrollment Key = Bulldog1
    Period 2 = ClassID = 22060591  Enrollment Key = Bulldog2
    Period 3 = ClassID = 22060612  Enrollment Key = Bulldog3
    Period 4 = ClassID = 22060634  Enrollment Key = Bulldog4
    Period 5 = ClassID = 22060651  Enrollment Key = Bulldog5
    Period 6 = ClassID = 22060667  Enrollment Key = Bulldog6
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