• Have a great year!
    Due to school being closed on Thursday and Friday, I wanted to let you know what to expect when we return after Thanksgiving break.  Please see below what I have scheduled for each class the week we return:
    1st Period - Psychology:  We will be starting a new unit on Emotion.  Please note, if you missed the Intelligence quiz on Wednesday, November 14, you have until PAWS on Thursday the week we return to make it up and complete any in-class assignments for the unit.
    2nd Period - Econ:  We need a block period for the Macro Final, so plan on taking the exam on Thursday.  We will review on Monday and Tuesday, and if time allows the last Current Issues groups will present on those days, as well.  Also, plan on returning your Econ book and exchanging it for AP Gov books on Thursday during class.  Your first AP Gov assignment will be reading Chapter 1 in the Edwards textbook and taking a reading quiz on the material on Friday.   If you feel prepared for the Macro Final and wish to start the Chapter 1 homework before Thursday, please pick up the book from the library anytime during the week.
    3rd and 5th Periods - AP Psych: Plan on taking the Module 26 reading quiz that was originally scheduled for Friday, November 16, on Monday when we return.  Read "It's Not Just About Salivating Dogs!" for Tuesday, and plan on taking a reading quiz on Modules 27, 28, & 29 later that week.  
    4th Period - Psychology:  Your memory project is due on Monday when we return.  Those of you who have not yet received a score on your quiz/test from your teacher, remember to turn in your partial paper and all the other items on the assignment check-off list on Monday.  During class on Monday we will finish our Intelligence unit and take the quiz, so make sure you have all your notes and in-class activities for the unit with you that day.  We will then be ready to begin a new unit on Emotion on Tuesday.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!