• English 12, GPS English 12, and Honors English 9 2016-2017

    ENGLISH 12:  This semester will focus on developing college and career readiness in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking.   We will approach the curriculum using common core instructional approaches, including inquiry based learning and group/individual problem solving.  The major project for the semester is the Career Portfolio project, in which students will be asked to research, write about, and present a topic of their choosing which is relevant to their future paths.  All students will write a narrative essay which they may use for college and/or scholarship applications.  Literature will include a variety of selections from around the world, beginning with early heroic myths such as Beowulf (Theme:  The Epic Hero) and continuing with Hamlet and Brave New World (Theme;  The Human Condition).   Second semester literature assignments will focus on the themes of "Exchange of Ideas" and "Emotional Currents."   Reading assignments will also include articles and nonfiction pieces about a variety of topics, preparing students for college and career expectations.  Grammar and vocabulary instruction will be approached through the reading and writing assignments. 
    GPS ENGLISH 12:   This course, approved by the FCUSD Board of Education in Spring 2016, is designed to offer globally relevant core instruction for students in the Global Perspective Studies pathway.  However, students not enrolled in the GPS program will enjoy the globally-focused literature, writing prompts, research and discussion.  First semester literature will be the same as that for English 12, but second semester literature will focus on Contemporary Global Issues.
    GPS Students will work on research, writing, and project development for the GPS Capstone project, while students not enrolled in the GPS program will be offered the alternative of a career/college research project (described above).  All students will write a narrative essay which may be used for college and/or scholarship applications.
    HONORS ENGLISH 9: This semester will begin with an accelerated review of summer assignments,  Bless Me, Ultima; A Midsummer Night's Dream; and Mythology.  We will continue with a study of The Odyssey as well as two novels, Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing will all be taught both directly and in conjunction with the literature via common core instructional strategies.  Reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar instruction will be supported by FCUSD's newly-adopted curricular system, StudySync (www.ConnectEd.com)  
    Our essential questions for the semester are, How do journeys, both literal and figurative, define the human experience? and How is our identity shaped by our experiences, and how does identity influence the choices we make? 
    Extracurriculars:  California Scholarship Federation Advisor and Global Program Studies Coordinator
    California Scholarship Federation:  Membership in this club is based on excellence in academics and citizenship.  Applications for membership are accepted at the beginning of each semester.  Students who earn enough semesters of membership based on state club by-laws are eligible for Life Membership.   This club meets once a month and frequently engages in service projects, fundraisers, and college/scholastic activities.  See the FHS Website and folsomcsf.weebly.com for more information.
    Global Persepective Studies:  GPS is a four-year curricular and enrichment path that gives students the opportunity to explore cultures, careers and social issues in a wide range of settings.  Please see the school website for more detailed information.  See the FHS website for upcoming events and forms.    
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    English 12 and Honors English 9
    California Scholarship Federation Advisor
    Global Program Studies (GPS) Coordinator
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    Daily Schedule:
    Period 1:  Honors English 9
    Period 2:  PREP
    Period 3:  GPS Coordinator
    Period 4:  English 12
    Period 5:  Honors English 9
    Period 6: GPS English 12
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