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    for the 2020-2021 school year!


    Now, during Distance Learning, is the PERFECT time to be a computer student!  I am so excited to embark on this journey together!  Our society desperately needs computer and technology students more than ever, and I am so glad you CHOSE my class!  This school year, I will be teaching Exploring Computer Science (ECS), Computer Science and Programming (CS&P), and Computer Applications (CA).  A little bit about each class is described below.  


    Students in the ECS class will be introduced to the problem solving and programming curriculum written by UCLA computer science professors.  The six units will include:  Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Computing & Data Analysis, Programming, and Robotics.  


    Students who successfully complete the ECS course, are eligible to enroll in the CS&P class.  There, students will build on their programming skills utilizing the object-oriented Java curriculum designed by Carnegie Mellon University computer science professors.  By second semester, students will be introduced to a Maker Project using Arduino electronics.  Juniors and seniors are eligible for three units of CS credit offered by California State University, Sacramento.


    Students in the CA course will be eligible to receive up to six units of college credit for successful completion of the following units:  Keyboarding Speed/Accuracy, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and 10-Key Calculator skills.  All grades, 9-12, are eligible for these units offered by Folsom Lake College. 


    For all of my classes, I will be using Google Classroom, so this particular website will not be used to post any student assignments.  Students will log into their Google account at the start of the school year and will be informed of lessons at our class page.


    I look forward to meeting you and having a FANTASTIC year! 




          COURSE NAME



    Computer Applications



    Exploring Computer Science



    Exploring Computer Science



    Computer Science & Programming



    Computer Applications



    Exploring Computer Science



    Jean Cavanaugh


    Computer Teacher 


    U.S. CyberPatriot Coach 


    California Department of Education SSP Grant Mentor 


    California State University, Sacramento, ACE Coordinator                


     Ms. Jean Cavanaugh

    Jean Cavanaugh
    Bachelor of Science in Business Education,
    Masters in Educational Technology,
    Computer Science Training through UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University, 
    and Oracle