• Welcome to Coach Sidhu's and Mr. O'Sullivan's Class!  We are excited to have you in class with us!
    Welcome back, Jaguars!  Looking forward to virtually (seeing) you all!  I am excited to introduce Mr. O'Sullivan to you young Jags!  He is our student teacher this semester and I know you will welcome him aboard!

     For general information please refer to FMS PE Department Website.  For specific questions regarding our class please e-mail me at Ssidhu@fcusd.org

     Google Classroom Codes 2020-2021:  Advisory 7:  7tjdfzc

                                                                   First Period PE 7:  t7k644t

                                                                   Second Period  PE 7:  skqdzrj

                                                                   Fifth Period  PE 7:  7o5m7vm

                                                                   Sixth Period  PE 8:  3bppqih

                                                                   Seventh Period  PE 7:  ytwudwk