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     Parc Güell

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    This page provides a listing of homework assignments, important class documents, downloadable chapter packets and workbooks, and helpful links to online grammar explanations and practice exercises (In Progress).




  • Contact Information
    John Lusk Jr.
    *This classroom has "B" Lunch
    *e-mail is the best means
    of getting in contact with me.
    (916)  294-2410
    2019 Fall
    1st - Español1
    2nd - Prep
    3rd - Español 1
    B Lunch 
    4th - Español 2
    2020 Spring
    1st - Prep
    2nd - Español 1
    3rd - Español 1
    B Lunch 
    4th - Español 2
    Make-Ups and Retakes
    *On Wednesdays after school in the Multi. 
    *Exam Make-Up Listening Sections during Flextime.