• Welcome!
    I hope you are revitalized, refreshed and ready to learn.
    I am Mr. Long, have taught here at Mills Middle School since 2009.  I have taught in the area in high schools and middle schools since 2002, attended Washington State University, California State University Sacramento, and National University.
    I am in room 33 this year, and will be teaching Course 3 (8th grade) and Course 2 Honors (7th grade).  My syllabus is posted here for you to reference and print.
    I will do my best to upload some of the documents that I hand out in class.  Check out the Daily Calendar, and the Assignments, it is very useful.
    You can also look at my Online Help tab to find resources to help you learn:) 

    Student Online Textbook Access:


    Username: Regular Student Username ex. SBoy9876

    Password: regular student password + m ex. 456780102m

    I'm excited for a great year, so let's start on the right foot.
    Free Tutoring afterschool in the library on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:15 to 4:00PM starting September 10th.  Doors close at 3:15.  Must stay entire time.


    Assessment grades will be calculated differently.


    This trimester we will focus on students attaining a deep understanding of each learning target.  In order to achieve this, students will be given two opportunities to show their understanding of each learning target.


    The first opportunity will be on the learning target quiz.  Students will receive feedback on each quiz assessing their current level of understanding on a scale from 1-4.  Please see the chart below. 


    The second opportunity will be on the unit/chapter exam.  The unit/chapter exam will be divided into sections, each one covering a different learning target.  At this time students will receive a grade for each learning target, which can replace their quiz grade.  Below is the assessment grading rubric:

    This is how we grade all of our assignments, trying to show mastery of the current learning target.  It is important to show your thinking. 
    Students are even asked to assess their own understanding of the learning targets, and this goes into their grade.
    If you want me to change a grade because you now understand the learning target, you just have to let me know :) 
    All students:

    You get multiple test opportunities

    You can turn in almost any work late 


    Are you using this?

    If you CHOOSE to accept your current grade, that is on you. 

    You have the OPPORTUNITY to fix everything.


    I will be here by 8:00 before school, most school days.


    Work will only be accepted up until the deadline for each trimester.  Don't wait until the last minute!

    The first deadline will be  Oct 26th, so please take advantage of this.

    The second deadline will be  Feb 15th, so please take advantage. 
     The third deadline will be  May 10th, so please take advantage.
    To contact me, please email me at plong@fcusd.org