Welcome to Mr. Hatcher's class!

  • Hello Students and Parents,
    Wow, it's that time again.  This year I feel super rested and recharged, having enjoyed a particularly great summer break.  I'm truly looking forward to meeting my new students and seeing so many of you who were with me last year.  Let's make this a year to remember.  I'll be posting more details about courses, expectations, requirements, etc. as we get into the school year, but for now I'll just let you know that I'm teaching two sections of Media Production and three sections of Automation and Robotics.  
    Here are some general FAQ's:
    When are you available to meet or help students?
    I get to school early so that students can come in and work or get help. If you want to come in before school, please just ask me ahead of time to be in my room and I'll be there by 8:00.  I do sometimes film and/or meet with people during that time if I don't expect students to come in.
    Where are assignments posted?
    You'll find everything in Google Classroom.  Please sign in as your child for full access to assignment status, attachments, etc.
    Can I send you videos for JagTV?
    Parents and students, if you happen to have high quality video clips of our sports or other extracurricular events (especially off-campus school events), please consider sharing clips with my media production classes so that we can feature these on JagTV. As long as they're stable and shot horizontally in 1080p, we can use them. Email me for details. 
    How can I contribute to your classroom?
    Here is a link to my Amazon wishlist.  These are items for the classroom that should enhance your students' learning opportunities. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks!  Please reach out if you have questions.
    -Mr. Hatcher
    (916) 294-9040 ext 310210