Welcome to Mr. Hatcher's class!


     Back to School Night Video


    Hello Students and Parents,


    Well, this is going to be an unusual school year, but I'm still VERY excited to get back to teaching and learning. We'll start the year with distance learning online. Here's how I expect this to work for my classes:

    • Students will log in and join MS Teams meetings during the class that they have with me. 
    • Each lesson will consist of introduction, quick review, roughly 10 minutes of instruction on the day's essential skills, and time to apply and practice the skills for the rest of the class.
    • I will be LIVE each day for the entire class period, available to answer small group and individual questions, clarify instructions, review concepts, etc., in realtime on students' screens.
    • Class time is NOT for parents to ask for help or meet with me - that should be done via email/Teams meetings outside of class.
    • All assignments will have clear, attainable expectations based on essential Common Core State Standards and/or essential CTE Anchor Standards.
    • I will grade assignments using provided rubrics so that students completely understand what is expected and can predict their grades based on review of their work.
    • All instructional videos, instructional assignment sheets, rubrics, and other materials will be posted in Google Classroom.
    • Students will submit assignments through Google Classroom.

    I totally understand that this will be challenging and very different from our traditional school setting. We've got to make the most of our situation. 

    Parents, please be patient and try to be aware of what your kids are working on.  I'm available by email to answer questions.  Some of the apps we're using are new to me too, so I'll be learning right along with you and your kids, and I may even share in some of their frustrations at first.  Don't worry, we'll get through this.
    Stay safe and healthy, and please reach out if you have questions or concerns. 
    -Mr. Hatcher