Physical and Health Education

    Mrs. Atwood
    Department Chair
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    Mitchell Middle School

    Physical and Health Education

    “Get Fit for Life”


    **See Managebac for updates to formative and summative assessments (grades and progress)**

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    PE uniform can be purchased for $14 for the set, cash or check (payable to Mitchell Middle School), or see information below about alternative uniform.

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Physical and health education focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity.  Physical activity and health are of central importance to human identity and global communities. The discipline provides learning experiences in understanding the value of physical activity, participating effectively in a variety of activities, and use of inquiry to explore physical and health education concepts. Through physical and health education, students can learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, and develop effective collaboration and communication skills.  Physical and health education offers opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships that promote social responsibility.

    The use of the MYP Global Contexts and Key and Related Concepts will guide units of instruction towards a statement of inquiry.  This statement of inquiry will drive the students and teachers alike to understanding and new knowledge, all within the context of being internationally minded.

    Parent support is critical for maximum student achievement. The following are helpful throughout the year:

    • Reinforce the importance of daily exercise
    • Early dismissals: Please communicate with the office and your student about times for early dismissals ahead of time. This will ease the process of pick up.  
    • Email communication is the prefered method of communication

    SUPPLIES: Mitchell Physical Education uniform or alternative uniform, athletic shoes, and socks. Per district policy, students are required to wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate (BP 5132). Students will change into a PE uniform for class and change out of it at the end of the period. Students should not wear PE clothes to any other class.  ALL UNIFORMS WILL BE LABELED WITH STUDENT’S FIRST AND LAST NAME. Students will find that keeping an extra pair of shoes and socks in their PE locker is very convenient, as the grass can be wet.


    Alternative uniforms are allowed to be worn if you do not use the Mitchell PE uniform. Both shirt and shorts need to be of the similar style and fit as the available Mitchell PE uniform.

    • T-Shirt: White or grey crew neck, or Mitchell athletic t-shirts or spiritwear t-shirts (not sports team uniforms)
    • Shorts: Blue or grey athletic shorts

    OUTERWEAR: If student chooses to wear outerwear they must be worn along with the PE uniform. Outerwear does not replace the uniform.Sweatshirts, warm ups, sweatpants, joggers, etc. are to be worn over PE shirt and shorts.Tights and long sleeves must have PE uniforms worn over them. Outerwear worn to PE should not be worn to classes following PE.

    The following colors are permitted due to safety reasons: Grey, white, blue or black.


    Loaner clothes will be provided to students who may have forgotten their clothes. Loaner clothes are laundered by staff on a regular basis. Sharing or borrowing a classmate’s PE uniform is not permitted. Loaners need to be checked out immediately upon arrival to the locker room.  Students are to wear the loaners for that period and return them to PE office before the dismissal bell. If a student does not return the loaner clothes at the end of the period they may be assigned disciplinary action. Lockers may be searched for the missing property. Any student refusing to utilize the loaner program may receive administrative discipline.  Administrative referral, class suspension, and/or loaner privileges revoked if student fails to use the system as designed. **If extenuating circumstances occur please contact your student's teacher via email or a note. Accommodations will be given for the time necessary.**



    A good quality lock and locker are issued to each student at no cost. There will be a $8.00 charge for ALL LOST & DAMAGED LOCKS.   IT IS IMPORTANT THAT COMBINATIONS & LOCKERS ARE KEPT PRIVATE AND NOT SHARED. Students are responsible to properly use their issued lock and secure their belongings. School & PE staff is not responsible for lost/stolen items in the locker room.  If belongings are missing, students should look in the lost and found then check with PE staff.


    The locker room is an extension of the classroom. No food, drinks, gum, OR HORSEPLAY is allowed in the locker room.  Students must dress in their uniform quickly, use the restroom and get water as needed and wait to be dismissed to roll call numbers. NO TAKING PICTURES or VIDEOS. CELL PHONES MUST NOT BE OUT OR SEEN. Place in your backpack before entering the locker room.  If valuables are found, they will be given to the Assistant Principal. Students are not to dress in the bathrooms. No one is allowed in the locker room until invited in by a teacher. Locker rooms are off limits other than supervised changing times. Backpacks or bags that do not fit in the backpack locker are to be placed in the oversized storage room for the duration of the period. All valuables should be locked in either the personal assigned locker or the backpack locker that is borrowed for the period.


    Whenever possible send the teacher an email if a child needs activity modified. Parent notes with date and phone number and/or email are good for a maximum of 3 calendar consecutive days. Parent notes do not excuse students from dressing for physical education, as a student not in uniform is often a large disruption.  Any injury or ailment over 3 days requires a doctor’s excuse giving the return-to-activity date. This note should address specific limitations. If a student is unable to perform at a minimal level for more than two weeks, alternate placement and assessments may be arranged.


    Student safety is a primary concern.  Potential risk factors are minimized by:

    1) Students must never go into the gym or locker room or use equipment without permission and supervision of a teacher. 2) Report injuries to the teacher immediately. 3) Shoes must be worn at all times, unless an activity is approved by teacher. 4) Students are not to leave the supervised area(s) without permission of the teacher.


    Early and late in the school year it tends to be hot in Rancho Cordova.  Water is the only liquid allowed in Physical Education class. Water bottles must have a closable lid. No sharing of water bottles. No pouring or squirting of water bottles on oneself or others. Water breaks are allowed in class based on the activity, location, and teacher discretion.


    Method of Evaluation:  Scoring achievement level is based on MYP IB formative & summative assessments.

    We recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own student or donate materials to the school and are welcome to do so at any time. The supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost.

    Updated: 5/17/18

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