Mr. Waldo
    Room 104
    (916)294-9040 X310104
    Period 1 - Exploratory PLTW/CTE
    Period 2 - Exploatory PLTW/CTE 
    Period 3 - Exploratory PLTW/CTE
    Period 4 - Lunch
    Period 5 - Exploatory PLTW/CTE
    Period 6 - Exploratory PLTW/CTE
    Period 7 - Prep Period
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. The Exploratory Elective Wheel is an exciting "Hands On" environment where your curiousity, imagination and creativity will be used to invent, innovate and explore the past, present and future!
    This year in Electives will be the experience of a Lifetime!!!
    Have the Best Day, Week, Month and Year Ever!!!
    Best Day Ever!!!