• Dear Students,

        Welcome to Course 2 Honors Math. and Course 2 Math. !        

        Your success in these courses will largely depend on your acceptance of responsibility and good study habits. Remember: “Mathematics is best learned by doing.” This means you have to take notes, do the class guided practice and most importantly, do your homework assignments. We want to prepare you for High School and hopefully for College life. Our hope and dream is to see you in the future; successful, responsible and contributing members of the global society. Be reminded of the 3 B’s and practice the IB Learner Profile. Work hard, persevere at all times and have a Growth Mindset.

                Hoping for an exciting and fruitful school year ahead of us!!!

    MATH. ROCKS !!!    GO MARAUDERS !!!                                GO BIG BLUE !!! 

    ...and Remember - Be the Nice kid!                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                          Mr. Madayag



  • Jerry Madayag, MS (Math.)
    Room 14
    W.E. Mitchell Middle School
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    Period 2 - Course 2 Math.
    Period 4 - Course 2 Math.
    Period 5 - Course 2 Math.
    Period 6 - Course 2 Math.
    Period 7 - Course 2 Honors Math.
    Intervention/Tutorial Hours:
    Mondays - 3:15 - 4:00
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    Wednesday to Friday mornings before school - by appointment