• Distance Learning Office Hours:

    10-11 and 3-4


    Welcome to 7th Grade Math!!

    Mrs. Walters:  Room 302
    7th grade math
    SCHEDULE 2019-2020  
    1ST PERIOD:        Prep
                2ND PERIOD: Honors Course 2
                3RD PERIOD:  Honors Course 2
    4TH PERIOD:       Lunch
    5TH PERIOD:  Course 2  
    6TH PERIOD:  Course 2
    7TH PERIOD:  Course 2
    Recommended Student Materials 
    Used daily:
       lined or graph paper
       pens (any color but black)
       softback textbook
       folder for organization
    Used Occasionally:
       Colored pencils
       glue sticks
       Scientific Calculator
       white board markers
       graph paper (TI 30 or better)
    Classroom wish list
    • Tissues
    • pencils
    • Clorox wipes
    • copy paper
    • band-aids
    • scotch tape
    • dry erase markers
    • glue sticks
    • rulers
    • scissors
    • graph paper
    • binder paper
    • calculators