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     Mrs. Lawson, age 17

    Hello, seventh graders!

     It's great to see everyone.  We are brimming with excitement for this new school year. 


    Homework (when assigned)  will be posted on the calendar. 


    See "Class Handouts" for copies of the Suggested Classroom Supplies List. See "Class Handouts" also for the Classroom Policies document. Please print signature page only to return to class.  


    Hope to see all parents at Back to School Night on August 22! Save the date.  If you can't make it, please click on the powerpoint below my high school senior picture on this page. 



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    Please see my expanded wish list on Amazon.com. 


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    I deeply appreciate the generosity of Folsom's fine families to keep our classroom outfitted for the year to enrich and enhance learning for all students in English/language arts.






    Quick Access (Short Version) Wish List for Mrs. Lawson's Class


    One-subject spiral notebooks

    Composition books

    3x5 index cards

    White printer/copier paper

    Colored printer/copier paper - any variety

    Expo white board dry erase markers

    White Out Correction Fluid


    College-ruled loose binder paper

    HP Ink cartridge Black  #61

    HP Ink Cartridge Color  #61


    ** I have plenty of Clorox wipes. I am well-supplied with them at the moment **


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  • In my class, I calculate citizenship based on a student's demonstration of responsible, respectful and safe behavior.   If a student receives an N, it's most likely not because the student exhibits disrespectful behavior, although that is certainly one possible reason.  The most common reason a student earns a citizenship grade of N is because they have too many missing assignments, or they do not avail themselves of opportunites to turn in late work, re-do poorly completed work or retake tests when the retake option is offered.    There is no academic penalty for retaking tests or turning in late work. Instead, citizenship grades are affected.  If you have any questions about your student's citizenship grade, please do send me an email, and I will be happy to explain.


    A citizenship grade of U is indicative of irresponsible, unsafe or disrespectful behavior in the extreme on a continuing basis.   Earning a U in any class can prevent students from being allowed to participate in extra curricular activities.

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  • Why do some of my grades in this class show a decimal after the score? 
    The decimal reflects that you retook or redid a summative assessment.  The main number is your most recent grade on that assessment. The decimal reflects your previous score. For example, let's say you took a roots quiz and you earned 2 out of 8 points.  You  wisely decided to retake that quiz. After completing corrections and all of the other requirements for the retake, your retake score showed an improvement of 6 more points, for a total retake score of 8/8.  
    The score I put into the gradebook is 8.02./8
    8 is your current score. 2 is what you earned the first time you took the assessment.  It doesn't have a huge impact on your grade to add the decimal, but you do get a small amount of positive credit for doing the retake (as long as your overall score improved after the retake).It also reminds you, me and your parents of what the original score was.   You can track your progress better if I show what the previous score was.
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  • Greetings!
    Assignments with comment codes in the grading column are practice, or formative, assignments which do not impact the students' overall grade.  The comments are intended to help the students and parents understand how close they are to mastering the skill or concept in the assignment. 
    Assignments with numerals/grade points in the grade column DO impact the students' overall grade. These are summative assessments that measure what a student has learned after a series of practice opportunities.  Summative assessments CAN be retaken, but there are some requirements students must fulfill first.  See my announcement about retaking tests for more information.
    Grading Codes for my classes are as follows:
    OK - Assignment was completed but it was self-corrected in class. 
    EXL = Assignment was completed with fewer than 10% error
    GOOD = Assignment was completed with no more than 20% error
    FAIR = Assignment was completed with no more than 30% error
    POOR = Quality of assignment is poor, unreadable or  student did not follow directions
    NI = Needs improvement.  Assignment was completed with more than 40% error
    INC = Incomplete
    NY= Not Yet - student has not yet mastered this skill or concept.
    ABS = Absent and not turned in yet. 
    NTI = Not Turned In --  Also NTIS which means the assignment was Summative ( for points) and not turned in or NTIF which means the assignment was formative ( for feedback) was not turned in.
    SeeMe = The student needs to see me ASAP about their confusion or incorrect completion of this assignment
    ReDo = The assignment was not done according to the directions given in order for the learning target to be effectively mastered. 
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