Period 1: 7th Grade PE  Google Classroom
    Period 2:  6th-8th Grade PE  Google Classroom
    Period 3: 7th Grade PE  Google Classroom
    Period 5:  7th Grade PE  Google Classroom
    Period 6:  7th Grade PE  Google Classroom
    Perod 7:  7th Grade PE Google Classroom 

    ADV.:  8:50-9:13
    Per. 1:  9:18-10:10
    Per. 2:  10:15-11:07
    Per. 3:  11:12-12:07
    LUNCH:  12:04-12:39
    Per. 5:  12:44-1:36
    Per. 6:  1:41-2:33
    Per. 7:  2:38-3:30
    Per. 1:  8:50-9:35
    Per. 2:  9:40-10:22
    Per. 3:  10:27-11:09
    LUNCH:  11:09-11:44
    Per. 5:  11:49-12:31
    Per. 6:  12:36-1:18
    Per. 7:  1:23-2:05
                                        Please see below for the 4 point grading scale used for skill testing in PE.
    4 Point Grading Scale

    Parent notes are accepted to excuse a student from physical activity for 1 to 3 days.  A physician’s note will be required for a student to be excused for four (4) or more days.  All students with notes excusing them from physical activity are required to dress out for Physical Education.

    After an absence, students must check with their teacher  for any required make-up work.  If students do not turn in make up work, they will lose their points for that day and any day they missed. 
    Make Up Work
    Please look under the make up work section for make up work.  There are several options available.  Students may choose a written assignment or an activity to make up work for days that they were absent.  There is a point value assigned to the questions. These assignments are for missed days in PE class. Make up work is due by 2 weeks following the absence.
    Students are responsible for their own make up work. 
    If you have a chronic injury or illness that I should know about please send in a Doctor's note. 
    All handouts can be found by clicking on class handouts. Please let me know if you should have any questions or concerns.