• Ancient History (6th Grade)

    with Mr. Grant in Room 109

    Please Note:

    There will be NO Warmups for January.

    Please Note

    I do NOT use "Google Classroom".

    Instead, I use this teacher website to communicate to students & parents about assignments, tests, etc. This teacher website is updated daily.

    It will have an agenda calendar where you can see:

    • what happens in the classroom each day
      • for parents who wish to monitor their students
      • for students that were absent
    • when there are upcoming tests (Unit Tests usually given a week's notice)

    You will also receive:

    • details about each assignment (due dates & directions)
    • any resources, links, etc needed to complete any Assignment

    How to Access & Use the Agenda Calendar:

    1. Click on "Assignments & Homework" on the top-left.

    2. Under "Current Assignment", click on the current month's Agenda Calendar.

    3. Find the Blue "Agenda" link & click on it.

    4. Navigate to the current date to see what happened in class that day. 

    5. Go back to the list of assignments, click on whichever one you need info on.

    6. Read the "Due Date" & the brief directions.

    7. Click on the blue link for that assignment for more detailed directions. Sometimes it includes examples of what the assignment should look like. 

Contact Info

  • Paul Grant

    Folsom Middle

    History Teacher


    Usually answers all emails within 24 hours. 

    Responses on weekends, holidays, etc. may take longer.