Welcome Mrs. Rusciolelli's 8th Grade Science!
    1st period - Science 8   Google Classroom Code- 4fpdqh2
    2nd period - Science 8  Google Classroom Code- bsuua6d
    3rd period- Sceince 8 Google Classroom Code- bnfyd3x
    5th period - Science 8 Google Classroom Code- v2pi72d 
    6th period - Science 8 Google Classroom Code- fyyhkp5
    7th period - Science 8 Google Classroom Code- 2sr2od7
    Room 306
    Mrs. Rusciolelli
    Intervention/ extra help time Mon 9:45-3:30 pm and during regular schuduled intervention time during the week.

    Welcome FMS Families,

    I know there has been some tech issues and confusion regarding student’s schedules, Google classroom, and Microsoft Teams. Because of this, I wanted to personally reach out to you with some helpful information. If you are receiving this message, it means your student has me, Mrs. Rusciolelli for 8th grade Science. Please refer to PowerSchools for your student’s schedule as it contains the most accurate information.


    I put together the below Q&A to try to help answer some questions you may have.

    Why is my student’s PowerSchools schedule different than their Google Classrooms?

    If your student recently received a schedule change, it takes Google Classroom 24 hours to sync up with PowerSchools and add them to their new Google Classroom.


    How does my student join the Microsoft Teams for Science?

    As of 2 pm today I had to individually add each “missing” student to my MS Teams for each of my classes… it took some time! I have added all students as of now that were on my power school…..and right now that is over 210 students. Some students have emailed me requesting access to join MS Teams… I have accepted all of those requests. I ask that you please be patient with this process as I myself am still learning how to use MS Teams and am doing my best to get things figured out.


    What should we expect for Science in the first two weeks of school?

    My goal is to get all my students logged in/access to their science class as well as start making connections and establishing norms which will help students feel more comfortable sharing their ideas in this safe place with others in class.


    What if my student is having difficulty accessing the class tomorrow (first day of school) due to tech issues?

    Please let your student know that it is ok if they were unable to join us for the first day due to tech issues. I will record the class and it can be accessed later.


    How will school/home communication work for Mrs. Rusciolelli’s class?

    My primary source of communication to provide families with information will be my FMS teacher website. More detailed information regarding assignment descriptions, announcements for students, etc. will be posted on my Google Classroom. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please feel free to email me at trusciolelli@fcusd.org and I will be more than happy to assist you as best I can. Please do not reply back to me through PowerSchools. In the past we ran into some issues with parent’s emails not going through, so please email me directly instead.

    I hope you found this information helpful. It is always my goal to help support students and their families as best I can. Your student’s success is very important to me.



    Mrs. Rusciolelli