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    Welcome to Mr. Bodnar's Class! 
    I want to welcome all of the students and their parents to the 6th grade at Folsom Middle School.  Our classroom theme this year is "Be Appropriate", which means to act in a safe, respectful and responsible manner - the FMS way.  Please let me know if you have any questions, get lost, confused or need help in any way.  That's why I'm here!
    Contact: jbodnar@fcusd.org
    Any homework will be posted on Google Classroom.
    Class News 
    Welcome to 2019!
    I am so thankful to be back in the classroom, and look forward to a strong second half of the school year!  Mr. Hewitt did an excellent job in my absence, but it is wonderful to be teaching your students again.
       In this feature of the website, and I will post updates as communication is needed.  For example, I plan the Homework a week in advance, and sometimes, things come up that may alter the schedule.  While I communicate these things to students in class, I would like parents to be able to verify information that has been given to the students.
    Update 8/24/18 
    It has been a wonderful start to this year for me.  I already see that my classes are filled with intelligent students who are eager writers.  I discussed the topic of treats as rewards with me classes, and I need to receive your input before beginning a rewards program.  In the past, I have given students a miniature size "Airhead" as an occasional reward.  Before I do this, however, I need permission from the parent of each child.  If you prefer that they not have this candy, please let me know, and suggest another (inexpensive) treat that would be better suited for your child.  If a treat is earned, I will give your student a "ticket" for you to sign, so that they may redeem it with me.  If you have any questions, please contact me

    Please check PowerSchool regularly to see your child's grade.
    Thursday (Updated 9/7/17)
    There have been some enhancements to the class website platform that I am struggling with right now.  Because of that, I am not able to update the weekly homework. The Daily Homework PowerPoint seems to be working.
     Friday  (Updated 9/27/17)