Ms. Agles' Class
    If you have any health issues that I should know about please make sure I receive a parent/doctor note ASAP.
    Google Classroom Codes!!
    1*-  rk5e98
    2*-  9a6y2b
    3*-  inm495
    4*-  sc0o6ed
    7*-  d0t4x7c
    I know it is difficult to imagine your kids in sweats right now, but before we know it our students will be outside in the sold enjoying some high quality Physical Education.  This year we want to make their experience even more enjoyable by offering sweats and hoodies for sale.  The site will be live until 9/1/19.  Thank you, from your friendly Folsom MIddle School PE teachers :)   Hit the link to check them out!! 

     PE sweatshirts and sweatpants


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